Spring cleansing

Spring cleansingDo not take seriously the word “spring” here. This method is good for all seasons and can be considered the best body cleanse for weight loss. Spring cleansing - is a body detoxifying method.

One should understand that fasting and dieting are different things concerning their effect on the body. Chinese medicine, for example, considers fasting as part of preventive health care.

Every day our body undergoes natural detoxification through liver and colon. And a weekend detox can help you more that medicines that come out of the body slowly.

Start the diet with a green salad on Friday night. Saturday's menu breakfast starts with a lot of vitamin C, better with fruit juices. Juices are rich in water and fruit get absorbed much quicker. Green foods provide energy and sugar is good for washing the body.

Every 90-120 minutes drink liquids not to feel hungry. Your body becomes lighter through the weekend. You unload toxins accumulated before. Fat also goes away and you lose extra pounds.

Now about dinner. Take miso soup with sea vegetables on top. Brown rice mixed with vegetables will also do. Brown rice is a source of vitamin B which reduces stress. Brown rice is rich in fiber, you will feel satisfied and it helps to sleep.

Cleansing techniques also include colonics, laxatives, proboiotics and antioxidants. Sauna, breathing exercises, therapy baths and massages are good for relaxation.

No matter that there are no researches on how fasting juice diets influence the body, water fasting proved to be effective.

There is evidence that vegetarian diets and water fasting helps to overcome colitis. Scraping of the tongue showed that toxins get removed after water fast.

Some scientists believe that fasting has more psychological effect. Many love cleansing as a perspective idea, they say, it is a purification ritual for them, something even religious and spiritual, but as the result cleansing has favorable effect on health. But they do not consider cleansing to be a medicine.

Some do not consider water fast and juice diets a weight loss device. You are losing water but soon you will gain weight back again. Losing water is not losing weight, they say.

The scientists like to repeat – eat less and you will definitely extend your life. There studies show that when you deprive mice of 60% of calories they live nearly twice as long and have fewer tumors. So, eat right food, go in for exercises, live clean, be mentally positive and all this for sure will work.

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