Swimsuit Cleanse for 7 days

Swimsuit Cleanse for 7 daysSwimsuit cleanse in one of the best body cleanse for weight loss means.

All women like to feel great in summer, so this article is for them.

Experts (Dr. Caroline Apovian and Dr. Oz) will share how to get losing 5 pounds in a week.

And the most significant is that during this period there in no need to stop taking in the products you love.

You just combine two of the most successful strategies for slim-down strategies. At the first night you can shed 2 pounds.

Note: Consult a physician before starting any cleanse. It is mainly important for people with diabetes. Pregnancy or nursing could also serve a contraindication. The cleanse cannot also substitute medical treatment and diagnoses.

Day 1st of swimsuit cleanse: Shrink Drinks

Replace eating of meals by drinking them! This is a common dietary habit of humans to make temporary breaks in taking solid food and this is a widely used strategy. You can lose up to 2 pounds for a night if the organism flushes out extra water content and the process of incinerating of fat goes.

Look at smoothie menu for your first day of cleanse.

Breakfast: On the first day take orange smoothie for breakfast.

Lunch: Let Kale Margarita Smoothie be your meals for lunch.

Dinner: Skip fatty sandwiches taken out at dinner, take Crispy Apple Smoothie instead at the end of the day.

First, smoothie tastes great; this meal also makes you feel full for the whole day since it contains protein powder. But check so that the content of sugar in protein powder would be less than 2 grams. The powders which are blends of casein protein and whey will also do. The whey protein is digested quickly by the body and the latter provides itself with necessary nutrient boost. As for casein protein (made of milk) it is digested longer and you are satiated until the next meal.

Protein can not only keep you satisfied but it also helps you in fat burning. After an individual is 30 year of age he starts losing 1% of lean muscle per year. At this time metabolism is crucial for burning fat. If you get protein taking smoothie every day protein rebuilds the muscles and the body burns the fat.

Days 2-7 for Swimsuit Cleanse

At these days you feed lean muscle taking in delicious meals. Proper amounts of protein during the whole day will prevent loss of energy. As for the night time the body produces serotonin in the brain which promotes your mood and better sleep.

Here is an example of meals balancing at your everyday eating:

3 Servings of Protein (4-Oz)

Protein is important for your lean muscle rebuilding and for you to look nice in a swimsuit. Note great sources of protein:

Poultry w/o skin – chicken, white meat and turkey
Lean pork - Canadian bacon, loin chops, Tenderloin
Lean beef - Cubed steak, sirloin, filets, round steak, meat with no marbling
Fish (oily) - salmon, sardines, tuna, lake trout and herring
Shellfish - Oysters, Clams, shrimp
Peas and beans - Kidney beans, black beans, pinto beans, navy beans, lentils, white beans

Dairy (2 Servings – 1 cup)

You will be able to control your hunger with the help protein and calcium contained in dairy products. You will sleep better. Here are the suggested products:

Cottage cheese
Mozzarella cheese

Whole Grains (3 Servings)

Whole grains will also make you feel satisfied and full. Examples:

Whole grain cereal (100%)
Whole wheat (100%)
Brown rice

Fat (4 Servings or 1 tsp)

Only good fats can promote fat burning and reduce cellular inflammation. See now healthy fats:

Canola oil
Olive oil
Flaxseed oil

A Small Glass of Wine

Take 1 small glass of wine closer to the end of the day. It will beneficially affect fat cells and soothe inflammation.

What differs the suggested plan from other ones is that it variable. Each meal you take you enjoy protein. You can mix meals. You can choose either whole grains or fat. Or you may decide to take two dairy servings. At night, take a glass of wine.

And not only this can lead to tasty eating. You can get to snack between common meals which will make metabolism stronger. You can take fruit and vegetables (fresh) at any time. They will provide fiber to your body which also decreases hunger.

Have no worry that the plan can cause weight gain. The suggested products are rather light and do not contain a lot of calories, but they are nutrient-dense at the same time. Do not forget about water. Your organism should be well hydrated. Following these recommendations the swimsuit will fit you perfectly.

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