How to cleanse the body of alcohol

hangoverChronic drinking causes alcoholism. Ethanol contained in chemical alcohol comes from fruits and grapes. It can also be found in beer, wine and liqueurs.

Alcohol belongs to a group of depressants; it affects the brain activity and emotions, thinking and concentration.

For the individual addicted to alcohol the latter becomes craved. When people feel depressed and unhappy, or suffer from injury, they tend to drink much.

Kidney and liver are damaged after use of alcohol for long term. The fact is indicated by the American Academy of Family Physicians.

One is recommended to join a special alcohol detoxification program to withdraw alcohol from the organism.

This article can prepare an addict to alcoholism treatment though physical symptoms normally occur at the initial stage of alcohol withdrawal.

Step 1 - Get rest

First get rest. Get psychological rest. In some cases medical treatment can help for detoxification of the body from alcohol, states the American Academy of Family Physicians. It is rest that can tolerate the withdrawal symptoms and make the process easier when you detoxify your organism.

The process of alcohol detoxification often requires hospitalizing. Withdrawal symptoms may include trembling and shaking, seizures and nervousness.

Step 2 - Driking water

Drinking plenty of water is needed. Since alcohol acts as a diuretic it draws fluids through the body. Supplying the fluids will hydrate the organism. If case is extremely severe one may need intravenous therapy for hydration (IV). After IV therapy is over you can begin taking fluids orally.

drinking water

The recommended amount is from 6 to 10 glasses of fluid per day. Make blood tests. The test will show the content of vitamins, mainly the level of thiamine. There are cases that require IV and in certain situations taking thiamine orally on a daily basis can be of help, states the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Step 3 - Medications

To withdraw and flush out of leftover alcohol medications are prescribed. As part of an assessment you will be taken vital signs by a nurse to determine the list and the amount of drugs to be taken for treatment.

The most common medications that can be prescribed by the physician are lorazepam or diazepam, which belong to benzodiazepines. The medicines serve depressants of the central nervous system.


If your liver has been damaged by alcohol abuse, lorazepam may be prescribed by the doctor, continues the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Step 4 - Support program

You may also experience the increase of blood pressure in the initiate stage of detoxification. To prevent hypertension take prescribed oral medicines for blood pressure.

Blood pressure is to be monitored during the period of treatment. Clonidine is a common drug to lower the blood pressure prescribed by the physician.

blood pressure monitoring

Note, that large amounts of alcohol in your body keep the blood pressure at a rather low level.

Remember what you will need for cleansing:

  • Rest
  • Liquids
  • Medications
  • Support program


All procedures and treatments described in the article are subject to be performed only under supervision of a physician and under his direction.

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