Liver cleansing by oats

oatsA huge responsibility is imposed on the liver by nature. But unfortunately,  the liver cells of most people aged 40 are partly "clogged" with harmful components, so the liver practically isn’t functioning.
Should I cleanse my liver?

You often hear "my liver is all right". Indeed, nobody feels pain in this organ. There are no nerve endings in the liver. For this reason, it is impossible to feel that the liver is sick. But when the liver is increased we feel the heaviness and discomfort.

If it hurts on the right side, it usually means that there are problems in the gall bladder or pancreas. The liver doesn’t reveal itself at all gradually collapsing.

Basically, all the diseases of our body start because of failure of the liver. The liver is a multifunctional organ, also called "chemical laboratory of the body". Its work includes about five hundred different processes. For example, blood is filtered through it 300 - 400 times per day, it also produces bile acids required for digestion of fats.

The liver is also responsible for how strong our immune system is. Due to proper functioning of the liver, our body is able to resist various infections. Beauty and lack of excess weight is also associated with good liver function. The liver synthesizes vital substances and removes  toxins out of the body.

Liver cleansing

put oats in the panThis recipe of cleansing the liver by oats came from the Siberia. It is for the most stubborn people who want to be "sterile". The deposition of salts in the joints, sand, stones in liver, kidney, spleen, pancreas, lymph will leave the body due to this recipe.

For this purpose, the grains of oat (not flakes) rinse with warm water and put them into the pan. Add two tablespoons of chopped dried or fresh leaves of cowberry and two tablespoons of the leaves or buds of the birch (fresh or dry). Pour it with 2 liters of water and leave to brew for days in a cool place.

Put one cup of the crushed rosehips into another pan, and pour in a glass of water, bring it to boil. Then add two tablespoons of corn silk and two tablespoons of grass knotweed. Boil the mixture for 15 minutes, then infuse it for 45 minutes, filter it and add the strained mixture from the first pan. This infusion should be poured into the bottle made of dark glass and stored in the refrigerator.

Every morning drink warm mixture 30 minutes before meals. On the first day you should drink  50 g, on the second day - 100g, on the 3rd and next few days – 150 g. The duration of treatment is 10 days. The course of the liver cleanse can be repeated in two weeks. During the course of purification by oats you mustn’t eat animal food, in particular meat, sausages. The best time for liver cleansing by oats is spring (before Easter) and winter (before Christmas) .

How to get additional effect of the liver cleanse?

If you want cleansing the liver to be more effective you should cleanse your gallbladder as well. It may be done once during the course of purification by oats. So bring to boil the mixture of one-half tablespoon immortelle flowers, one-half tablespoon of corn silk and a glass of water. Then infuse it for 30 minutes.

In the morning drink this warm herbal decoction on an empty stomach. One hour later take a laxative (sulphate of magnesia or carlsbad salt is more preferable). This laxative should be pre-diluted with a glass of alkaline mineral water. Then put a warm heating pad on the liver area and lie down on the right side. After a bowel movement, take a cleansing enema. On this day you should eat nothing but easy vegetarian food.

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