Purificatory jelly for weight loss

purifying jelly for flat abPurifying jelly for flat abdomen will become your assistant in getting neat figure and health.

It will stimulate extra fat elimination and properly clean the bowels, normalize metabolism.

The Purifying jelly for flat abdomen should be taken not earlier than 2 hours after supper, 2 hours before sleep and you eat nothing afterwards. In 2-3 weeks you will for sure feel the result. In combination with workouts for flat abdomen and cardio training for fat burning the result will be much more tangible!

The recipe of jelly is very simple. Preferably to brew every time fresh jelly and drink as much as you can.

Purifying jelly ingredients

  • 50 g of oat flakes (not instant)
  • 100 g of dried plums
  • 150 g of raw beet (1 small piece)
  • 1.5 l of boiling water

How to brew Purifying jelly for flat abdomen

1. Measure out products. Peel beet. Wash dried plums.

2. Grate beet on coarse grater.

3. ut dried plums not finely.

4 Put oat flakes, beet and dried plums into a cooking pot and pour over with boiling water.

54. Brew jelly about 15 minutes with half-covered lid on a slow fire.

6. Strain the brewed  purifactory jelly for flat abdomen through a sieve or colander. Drink the jelly after it cools down. The remaining pulp is recommended for breakfast.

To achieve better results a fasting day can be arranged once a week consuming jelly only.

Wish you good health and flat bellies! Bon apetit!

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