Beets juice to cleanse liver

Beets juice to cleanse liverLiver purification by beet is a fairly sparing variant of liver purification. Especially, beet purification is suitable when other purifying procedures are prohibited.

Beet is a comprehensive product. It contains both dietary fibre and organic acids which stimulate gastric secretion and intestinal peristalsis. Beet contains a lot of vitamins and iron which promote hematogenesis. That is why beet is recommended at anemia, poor blood, atherosclerotic vascular disease, cardiovascular disease, adiposity and insenescence. Let us consider way of beet use for liver purification.

On the day planned for purification it is preferable to eat apples or simply follow the vegetarian diet. Do not take starchy foods, bakery products, fancy bread, pasta.

How to cook beet decoction for liver purification?

For the beet decoction take a beetroot as big as a man's fist or two woman's fists. Generally the beetroot should be of an average size but not small. There is no need to skin the beet beforehand! Wash it thoroughly not cutting the root base! Put it into the saucepan, pour 1 litre of water, measure the level with a tube. Then add extra 2 litres of water, bring to the boil and wait until the water boils away up to the measured level. Take the saucepan off the range, take the beet out, let it cool down for 5 minutes, grate it into the same water and again bring to the boil and boil for 20 minutes. Take the resulting mush off the range, fill the 200 g glass with it and drink it off.

Normally it takes three hours for the procedure. If you get up at 6 in the morning then at 9 you will be able to take the first glass of the drink. If you prefer not to get up early in the morning you can cook the decoction in late evening and go to bed. Then you will take a glass of the decoction in the morning.

Then let the decoction cool down, drain the beet mush. The remained decoction divide into 3 portions (normally 200-250 g) and take it in 3-4 hours. After each taking lie with a warmer near the liver and relax.

The outcomes of liver purification by beet

The outcome is rather mild. The beet decoction removes dirt together urina which is a mild way. If emiction comes faster it means the decoction has effect. On the next day you will feel lightness at right hypochondrium. The purification can be repeated once or twice a year alongside with cleansing of bowels.

Liver purification by beet quass

To cook the quass you will need three fresh beetroots of an average size. Wash them thoroughly, cut to small cubes, put in a 3 litre can. Add two table spoons of white flour, 500 g of sugar. Close the can with capronic lid and leave it for two days in dark place at room indoor temperature. Stir the content two times a day.

Then add 700 g of stoneless raisins, four glasses of sugar, half a glass of water and leave for a week for fermentation stirring every day. Filter the quass and you will get a litre of the drink. For the purification course you will need 3 litres.

Take one table spoon three times a day half an hour before meals. When all 3 litres are over let the body rest for three months and repeat the course.

Contra indications: cholelithiasis.

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