Kidneys cleansing with watermelon


 watermelonWatermelon cleansing is a well known method. Watermelon diet – is not only a high-performance but a tasty way to get rid of stones in kidneys.

However, there are contraindications such as: urogenital system anomaly, wandering kidney, nephrolithiasis, prostatic adenoma, repeated pyelonephritis and diabetes.

If cleansing is accompanied with brown bread consumption the cleansing is not suitable for those suffering from gastric distress. Contraindications are especially related to people suffering from gastroduodenal ulcer.

Watermelon cleansing is expressly prohibited at phosphaturia since it can lead to phosphate calculi creation. Chronic renal insufficiency is also a reason to refuse from the watermelon cleansing.

Urine flow during watermelon cleansing increases, so the diet is bad for those who have coral calculi in kidneys which can damage renal ducts.

Cleansing arrangement

The most convenient time for cleansing is end of summer, the watermelon season. For kidneys cleansing with watermelon you will need not only a watermelon but brown bread as well. That is all for a week. The diet is not quite non-threat for people suffering from heart diseases.

Get at the ready corvalol, validol, liquid ammonia since this diet is a surgical intervention without a knife.

Procedure pattern

Sit into a bath with warm water and start consuming watermelons. As the result sand and calculi will begin to come out with urine. Heat promotes release of urinary tracts and serves anaesthetic at calculi withdrawal.

The cleansing is recommended to be repeated in 2-3 week to achieve better result. After the second cleansing a calculus can descend down into renal duct. After the third cleansing calculi normally come out.

Additional effects from watermelon diet

Watermelon contains dietary fibre which strengthens intestinal peristalsis so the diet is beneficial for people suffering from constipation but harmful for those suffering from flux. As for bread – choose white rather than brown one with low acidity since high acidity promotes calculi formation.

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