Cleansing lungs after smoking

Lungs after smokingIt is well known how common cold is widespread. But to get rid of cough is often not so easy.

No matter smoke you or not but live in a city you anyway breathe in toxic exhaust which damages health.

As the result you get expectoration, spitting, non-fresh breathing etc.

Below is the description of herbs used to withdraw tobacco tar and other waste from lungs and bronchi.

What you need for that

The following herbs are necessary for cleansing the lungs of the smoker: pine sprouts, primula, elder, plantain, lungwort, hemp nettle, elecampane, heart's-ease, sweet violet, thyme, fennel, soapwort, licorice, milkwort,    melilot, poppy, horsetail.

Buy at least 7-8 herbs from the list and this will be quite enough. Use herbs you can get. Of course, the more herbs the better since the cleansing in this case becomes deeper.

How to clean

Take one table spoon of each herb and mix. Now you get herbal preparation for cleansing.

Then put 1.5 table spoons of preparation into a thermos and cover with a glass of boiling water. Leave to ingrain for two hours. Then filter and drink warm before sleep. Repeat the same during two months. That is complete cleansing the lungs after smoking schedule.

During cleansing treatment cough and expectoration may begin. That is the result of cleansing, just endure it. It is waste that coming out of the body. After cleansing is complete cough and expectoration will quit. To soften the symptoms, take tea with lemon or eat lemon with honey.

What happens during cleansing the lungs

Coniferous trees have very strong disinfectant features, that is why, walks in coniferous wood are very healthy. Essential oils contained in pine needles exert fluxing action on expectoration and it comes out of the body faster.

What you need for that

In May - June when you go for a walk to the forest or park gather young green shoots at the tips of firry branches. They have certain color and are noticeable. To carry out cleansing you will need a big parcel of such shoots.

How to clean the lungs

Put a layer of shoots on the bottom of a 1-litre tin, cover with sugar. Then put another layer of shoots, cover with sugar again and again until the tin is full. Layers must be place very tight.

Put the tin into a fridge for three weeks. Then you will get a green syrup. Filter the syrup. Store it in a fridge. Take a dessert spoon of syrup three times a day until the syrup is out. The syrup cleans lungs and bronchi from tar very effectively.

How often to clean

At the first stage carry out cleansing two times a year with periodicity of 3-4 months. Then cleansing can be done once a year.

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