Olive oil liver cleanse

Olive OilThis method of liver cleansing is for those who prefer extreme. Olive oil has very strong choleretic features. To achieve the same with vegetable oil the latter should be taken in big amounts. Olive oil promotes gall contraction and opening of all biliary ducts.

Vegetable oil contains oleic acid which is almost fully absorbs in bowels and is used by the body for metabolism processes. The acid has a very important biological meaning for the body since it is kind of fat unsaturated acids. They promote change of cholesterin for digestible components which are easy to withdraw.

Besides, fat unsaturated acids increase the elastic features of blood vessels. So, consuming vegetable oil increases the content of fat unsaturated acids. They are very compatible with the organism. That is why it is favorable for the body to take products rich in fat unsaturated acids. The richest product is olive and almond oil. There are twice as less such acids in sunflower oil.

Caution! This procedure is prohibited for people with stones in gall, for those with heart diseases, hypertension, acute digestive tracts diseases, at pregnancy and menstruation.

The pattern of liver cleanse with olive oil

Take juice of beet and apples three days before full moon. The juice is to be freshly squeezed. Take four parts of apples and one part of beet. Administer an enema two times a day for body cleansing in the morning and in the evening. The juice can be replaced with green acid apples.

At two o’clock in the afternoon on the day you start liver cleansing take the juice for the last time. Take a pill of drotaverine and one pill of allochol with hot water. Warm the liver area with a heater. Warm the area from both sides – from stomach and back.

At half past five administer a cleansing enema. In half an hour take a pill of drotaverine.

At seven in the evening self-cleansing of liver with olive oil begins. All you did before was a preparation. Start drinking olive oil with lemon juice. Prepare the composition beforehand – a glass for each. Take at once a table spoon of juice and a table spoon of oil. Repeat it every 15 minutes until oil and juice are over.

If you begin to vomit smell lemon peel or garlic. During the 15-minute period lie on right and left sides, squat, shake the stomach, walk maintaining warmth in liver area.

At 11 in the evening bowel movements will begin (dead mucosa, bile, green formations, sand, black stones, membranes). If not – administer an enema. Keep liver area warm till morning.

Repeat the enema in the morning. For breakfast first take a fresh apple juice diluted with water at the ratio of 1 to 2. In half an hour drink grapefruit juice. Then take only fruit and fresh juice or porridge or oatmeal cooked in water without salt.

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