Stomach cleansing

Stomach cleansingFood entering the organism and moving along it leaves a thin layer of waste due to incomplete digestion.

Stomach cleansing diet

Blue peel of an eggplant contains anti-infection agents which can cleanse gastric mucosa and bowels from inimical bacteria. Eggplant seeds are good for cleansing bowels mucosa from slime, inimical bacteria and small intestinal worms. Eggplants are also healthy at obesity.

eggplantThis stomach cleansing diet lasts for a week. Exclude from the menu meat and dairy products, bakery. Vegetables are recommended. 2/3 of vegetables are to be eggplants. Vegetables can be consumed boiled, stewed or slightly fried with a small amount of oil. Cut eggplants in cubes 1.5 x 1.5 cm.

Salt should be excluded. To improve the taste add pepper or other herbal spice. Eggplants meals are to be taken not less than three times a day. Chew eggplants on thoroughly. Another important requirement – do not drink an hour and a half before and after meals. During the diet take pure water, black or herbal sugar free tea. Fruit juices are not also recommended.

You can start “eggplant diet” on any day. It last from 7 to 14 days. After cleansing you will feel well, energetic with clarity in mind. Proper periodicity for the diet is one time per two months.

Moderate method of cleanse

Young fir needles decoction will help you to cleanse the stomach and the whole body. You will need: 5 table spoons of fir needles (gathered in the current year), mill them and cover with 0.5 liters of boiled water, put for 10 minutes on slow fire and leave to infuse for 10 hours in warm place. Filter it into thermos. Take it warm during the whole day. Fresh decoction is needed for each day. Urine turbidity is the result of cleansing. When the urine becomes clear you may stop cleansing.

After cleansing take a glass of warm boiled water on an empty stomach in the morning.

Stomach and bowels cleanse with cabbage juice

cabbageThis cleansing method seems to be most pleasant. There no contraindications, moreover, it is indicated at gastric ulcer! What you need to do is to drink freshly squeezed cabbage juice. Green head cabbage is preferable.

Start with small portions, a quarter of a glass or less. The increase the volume up to a glass. Cabbage juice contains vitamin U which repairs injuries.

Cabbage juice also cleanses bowels. So do not worry if you notice something black or green coming out during defecation.

Garlic infusion

Garlic infusion cleanses vascular system, lowers blood pressure, cleanses stomach, has favorable influence at brain cramps.

Take vodka and garlic at the ratio of  5 to 1 respectively to prepare infusion. Wash the garlic, clean it and mince then cover with vodka. Leave the infusion for a week at the temperature of +20°C. Filter the infusion then. Take a spoon with water and instill 5 infusion drops in it. Take 3 times a day.

Extreme stomach cleansing

Cleanse the stomach two times a day at 12.00 and 16.00 for three days in a row. Two hours after meals (rice, potato, jelly) solute 2 tea spoons of edible soda in two liters of indoor temperature water. Drink it with gulps keeping the backbone straight.

Then cause vomiting pressing the base of tongue with two fingers. Repeat the procedure for two days, on the 3rd day take water without soda. The method came to us from Yogas.

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