Body cleanse juice

 Body cleanse juiceVegetable food helps the body to cleanse itself without any medicaments and treatment procedures.

Freshly squeezed juice strengthens and cleanses the organism.

Juice – is a source of balanced nutritional chemicals.

The most important component of green juices is molecules of chlorophyll which are well compatible with hemoglobin molecules.

Pasteurized juices

More than 90% of juices sold in shops are reconstituted or pasteurized. They are not healthy for the body. Healthy microelements and vitamins die during pasteurization.

Thus, take “alive” juices which are able to cleanse your body.

How to make alive juice for body cleanse

  • Wash well the fruits, peel off the vegetables.
  • Peel, wash and cut fruits and vegetables nearly before juice production.
  • Make as much juice as you can take at once. In 30 minutes “alive” juice begins to “die”.
  • Do not add sugar or salt into juice.

How to take alive juice in

Water down the juice. Firstly take juices in small amounts and of different kinds. Start with one tea spoon.

One-day cleanses of body with juice change the body

During the whole day take only freshly squeezed juice, pure water or green tea. Take small amounts but often. At 19.00 is the last juice consumption.

For example: 2 glasses of cucumber juice, 3 glasses of tomato juice, 1 glass of carrot juice, 1 glass of potato juice.

Juices properties

Orange juiceJuices are good at toxins withdrawal from the body, mainly cabbage, potato, cucumber, carrot, beet, tomato and turnip juices.

  1. If you suffer from vitamin deficiency, podagra, atherosclerosis, obesity take cabbage juice.
  2. Juice of cauliflower decreases liver, gastrointestinal diseases and atherosclerosis.
  3. Potato juice is favourable at cardio vascular diseases, constipation, gastric distress and ulcers.
  4. Cucumber juice can be used at stomach and liver diseases, at obesity, anemia and constipation.
  5. Beet juice is good for stomach, liver and pulmonary passages.
  6. Carrot juice can be taken if one has skin diseases, atherosclerosis, anemia, gastritis.
  7. Take salad juice at stomach diseases, anemia, and high blood pressure.
  8. Artichoke juice withdraws toxins and bears anti-cancer effect.
  9. Turnip juice withdraws waste and helps at constipation.

Certain contraindications

  1. Carrot, radish and sweet pepper juices are not indicated for people with stomach ulcer and gastritis.
  2. Carrot and sweet pepper juice is not indicated for people with nephrolithiasis.
  3. If one has acute colitis, carrot and sweet pepper juices are not acceptable.
  4. Juices except for beet juice are prohibited for people suffering from diabetes mellitus type 1.
  5. All juices containing sugar are prohibited for people suffering from type II diabetes.

How to raise the juices cleanse effect

Second or fourth moon-phase are most suitable for cleansing. Before juice cleansing, take during the day only fruit and vegetables. Juice cleanse is better to be done once a week.

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