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DASH Diet - Haw to Start and Staying on the Diet

DASH dietDoctors consider the diet as a means to lower individual high blood pressure.

DASH - Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. To keep to a diet is easy:

  • Take more vegetables, fruit, dairy products with low-fat content
  • Avoid foods rich in cholesterol, saturated fat
  • Eat fish, whole-grain foods, poultry, nuts
  • Lower consumption of sweets, sodium, sugary drinks, red meats

Research studies show that people engaged the diet can lower the pressure just within two weeks.

One of the DASH diet varieties is DASH sodium. It presupposes reduction of sodium consumption to 1,500 mg per day (2/3 of tea spoon). DASH sodium diet plan also can lower blood pressure of individuals.

How to start the DASH diet

The DASH diet presupposes a certain number of servings per day based on various groups of food. The number of the required servings may vary. It depends on the number of calories necessary for per day.

Changes can be made gradually. For example, first limit yourself to 2,400 mg of sodium per day (1 teaspoon). After that, when your get a body adjusted to the diet limit yourself to 1,500 mg of sodium per day (2/3 of tea spoon).

This concerns all sodium taken in including contained in food products and sodium added while cooking.

Tips of DASH diet

  1. At lunch and dinner add vegetables (a serving)
  2. Add fruit to meals or as a snack (a serving). If you take dried and canned fruits check that they sugar free.
  3. Reduce your customary serving of margarine, butter and salad dressing (use half of a serving) replacing it with fat-free components.
  4. Drink dairy products with low-fat content replacing cream.
  5. Limit meat consumption (6 oz a day). Replace some meat with vegetarian food.
  6. Add more dry beans and vegetables to your diet.
  7. Replace sweets and chips with raisins, nuts, unsalted pretzels, low-fat yogurt, unsalted popcorn and raw vegetables.
  8. Check food labels before buying products to get non-sodium foods.

Staying on the DASH Diet

The suggested DASH diet:

Grain products: 7-8 servings per day
Veggies: 4-5 servings per day
Fruit: 4 - 5 servings per day
Dairy products (low-fat): 2-3 servings per day
Meat, fish, and poultry: two or less servings per day
Seeds, nuts, and dry beans: 4-5 weekly servings
Fats and oils: 2-3 servings per day
Sweet products: no more than 5 servings per week

What is a Serving?

Now it seems important to clear up what amount of food one serving comprises if we want to keep to a suggested healthy eating plan. One serving includes:

  • cooked pasta or rice (1/2 cup)
  • slice of bread (1)
  • raw veggies or fruit (1 cup)
  • cooked veggies or fruit (1/2 cup)
  • milk (8 oz)
  • olive oil or other oil (1 teaspoon)
  • cooked meat (3 oz)
  • tofu (3 oz)

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