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Ground rules of effective dietology

Effective dietology tipsTake mineral still water at 18-20°C temperature, 200-300 ml three times a day, 30-40 minutes before meals. Then, during a month consume purified or neutral mineral water.

Exclude completely from the diet sugar, fructose, honey, grapes, avocado, mango, melon, water-melon, potato, corn, sweet drinks, whole sour, beer (including alcohol free!), roach, herring, smoked fish, fish caviar, dried calamaries, salted dentils, chips, nuts, sunflower seeds, mayonnaise.

No limitations for tea, coffee, mineral water.

Juice only as intended, preferably freshly squeezed (do not drink juice made of forbidden products!)

Bread – brown or whole-grain, not fresh but hard-baked. Consume only as intended.

Curds less than 9%, kefir less than 2.5%, drinkable yoghurt less than 4.5% fat.

Meat and fish only of lean grades, not fried (cooked, baked in oven, microwave oven, grilled). Meat should be freed from perceptible fat, poultry should be freed from skin.

Consume salads and stewed vegetables with seed oil, preferably olive. Cook porridge in water with small with addition of butter.
Salt, spice to taste.


Eating schedule:

Breakfast – from 6 to 9 o'clock

Lunch – from 8 to 11 o'clock

Dinner – from 10 to 13 o'clock

Afternoon's luncheon – from 14 to 16 o'clock

Supper – from 17 to 20 o'clock

  • It is prohibited to miss eating occasions.
  • Breakfast should come not later than 2 hours after morning awakening, supper – not later than 3 hours before sleep.
  • Do not sit or lie during half an hour after meals.
  • Intensive physical training ( fitness center, running, aerobics, massage) is prohibited.

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