800 Calorie Diet

800 calorie diet planAnyone who aims to lose weight can lower calorie content in meals. But the amount of only 800 calories seems something dramatic and dangerous. Dietary experts never recommend 800 calories for weight loss.

This method can be applied only to them who suffer from obesity. These are sick people and they require quick result and immediate treatment.

The health experts warn that an 800 calorie diet is considered be a Very low calorie diet (also VLCD) and it can be indicated only in medical terms and under medical supervision.

During all diet cycle the patients are to be supervised be registered health experts. Otherwise, the consequences can be unpredictable and cause severe health damages to health.

Rate of weight loss

800 calorie meal plan guarantees weight loss at a super speed. If earlier you tried other diets and you experienced 2300 calories diet, you now understand and are to be ready to get 1500 calories less.

Now calculate your calorie deficit for 7 days and you get the result that the overall lack of calories leads to 3 pounds of weight loss in total. Every 3500 calories result in 1 pound loss.

As a matter of fact such rapid diet change for sure causes certain health concerns, and it is unique for each who begins the diet. That is why the advice of your physician is compulsory in order not to bring harm to your health. If your physician comes to conclusion that the diet is not contraindicated for you, you may experience the plan.

Diet benefits

  1. Individuals with obesity or weight-related ailments can lose weight in a short period of time if the make a decision to start following an 800 calorie diet.
  2. Researches also show that VLCDs can be recommended since weight loss itself improves fertility disorders, cardiac operation and respiratory problems.
  3. BP count improvement is also a benefit of the diet, circumference of waist reduces, sleep improves etc.

To achieve best results check that every calorie is punched with nutrition and do not forget about exercises.


  • If an 800 calorie diet is unsupervised it can damage health and it not an exception from any other diet.
  • Be ready, that if the diet lasts for long terms liver or kidney may experience changes in their function. This happens due to nutritional deficiencies occurrence.
  • As for metabolism it can be affected by an 800 calorie diet and metabolism can be severely slowed down. In future there can appear problems with digestion and weight gain. Diarrhea and constant fatigue are common as well.
  • Gallstone formation has been also seen with people experienced VLCDs. All negative consequences are normally expected if the diet lasts for long.

A sample of 1 day of 800 calories diet plan

A hard-boiled egg - 78 calories, a slice of whole-meal bread – 80 calories and half a cup of non-fat milk – 42 calories.

As an alternative: a small cup of low-fat yogurt – 154 calories and a cup of watermelon in cubes – 46 calories.

If look for low-calorie but nutritious dishes – choose salads. Take a portion of green salad with grilled chicken (1/2 cup). This gives 70 calories. Add a small portion of vegetable soup with 15 calories, few crackers with 105 calories and we get 200 calories in total.

As an alternative: a small sandwich with chicken also gives 200 calories at lunch.

For dinner you allowed to consume 300 calories. Take a chicken breast (3 oz grilled), serve it with baked potato (3 oz), steamed broccoli (half a cup) and all amounts in 250 calories. To enjoy the end of the day add 50 calories taking dried blueberries (1/2 oz) or canned peaches (1/3 cup) or a small orange.

100 calories remain. To compensate the total amount needed, snacks and beverages will do. Choose among low-fat yogurt, nuts, strawberries or ginger snaps.

How to plan own 800 calorie diet

An experienced dietician can help plan low-calorie diets who can offer a balanced menu with good nutrition and few calories. In any case, see the following recommendations:

  • the products must not only low-calorie but for sure nutritional
  • fresh fruits and vegetables are part of the diet
  • fats and cabs are included in the plan at minimum

The 800 calorie diet should be approved by medical experts and must be under supervision. Otherwise, health problems can appear.

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