The Beverly Hills Diet

What do we know about Beverly Hills Diet?

The Beverly Hills DietA newer name for the diet is The New Beverly Hills Diet. It is a program for 365 days and it means to eat right foods at the right time.

Originally, the Beverly Hills Diet occurred in 1980s which included a highly restrictive 42-day starting period. Now the diet is somewhat balanced and is based on certain standards.

What is a balanced weekly diet? The thing is not to combine proteins with carbohydrates, carbohydrates with proteins and fruit with any food.

The key factor of the diet is not the quantity and content of food. It is more important to eat at right time and to check what products we eat together and what products – separately.

What food is allowed at the Beverly Hills Diet?

The essence of the diet is that carbohydrates go with carbohydrates (fats also), proteins go with proteins (fats also) and only fruit stand alone.

A portion of enzymatic fruits is what forms the beginning of your day. Among such fruits are: watermelon, pineapple, grapes and strawberries.

There no limit in fruit you choose. Just make an hour break between takings in different fruits. A two-hour break is necessary before you eat fats, carbohydrates and protein. Once you have switched to one of these groups, forget about fruit for the rest of the day.

For instance, carbohydrate comes after fruit and from this moment further on there is no restriction of cabs consuming until you begin eating protein. After you have eaten some protein (like cream in coffee) 80% of foods for the rest of the day are to be protein.

What about beverages? Fruit can be replaced by wine or fruit juices. Most of other alcohol is considered as part of carbohydrate group. Champagne falls to no group as it is “neutral” and does not suit anything.

Meals where carbohydrates and protein freely mix are considered “open”: rice with prawn or chips with burgers. But if an open meal is consumed at lunch, 80% of foods for the rest of the day are to be protein again.

It is expected that you can lose up to 15 pounds of weight at the starting (35 days) phase of the program.

How the Beverly Hills Diet works

Those who promote the diet are sure that food itself cannot result in weight gain if the food is digested efficiently. The weight gain is the result of the mixture of food of different groups.

The most remarkable food groups are carbohydrates and protein. As for fats, they are not so significant for the program.

Now look at the different food groups indicated within the frames of the diet:

  • Fruits (contain carbohydrates but form a separate group) are well digested. In 15-20 minutes they are converted to nutrients in small intestine with the help of enzymes.
  • Carbohydrates except for those contained in fruit are digested for about 3 hours. The digestion process begins just in the mouth with saliva. When you eat carbohydrates – chew them thoroughly.
  • Ten hours or even more are needed to digest proteins. The vital significance of stomach acid is to digest proteins.
  • There is no full information about fats digestion since they almost never consumed alone, but it is obvious that they slow digestion process.

Digestion is inefficient when you first eat food slow for digestion like steak or other meat product and then fast cabs like potato.

Stomach acid is necessary for protein digestion and when the body works on protein food the saliva is neutralized and carbohydrates are digested poorly. This can be one of the reasons of weight gain.

If you keep to the right sequence – carbohydrates first and protein after them – your weight loss can appear astonishing no matter what amount of your favorite meals you take.

The diet we discuss does not presuppose obligatory exercises. Workouts are mainly important for your mood, good blood circulation and mental health.

Experts conclusions about the New Beverly Hills Diet

There are experts that do not recommend the diet. Such experts consider the initiate period of 35 day too restrictive. They say that the rules of the diet do not completely meet nutritional requirements. The think that too much fruit cannot replace the need of protein for the body.

The mentioned experts also think that the prescribed duration of the diet is too long and far from being realistic and that portion control can hardly be alternative to calorie counting.

Some experts say that there is no enough evidence of successful result of the applied diet. In their opinion food combining does not help itself but weight loss comes because of the reduction of total calorie intake. It is hard to overeat while following strict rules of the diet.

Other specialists recommend eating all groups of products but limiting high sugar and high fat foods. The advise to take more fruit, vegetables and whole grain products and combine the diet with physical activity to get weight loss results.

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