Asian diet - tips and hints

asian diet tips and hintsWellness is the key thing when we start discussing Asian diet. Everyone knows that health means the absence of disorders.

To achieve healthy habits review top 10 hints concerning nutrition and better immune function mentioned in the article. The suggested list has been practiced for many years.

Sun Simiao, the famous Chinese physician of the sixth century used to say that people do not consider food they eat and waste the physician skills.

And one should always consider what and how he eats.

Limit cold drinks when taking meals

Most Americans have a notorious habit to drink soda or cold water at taking meals. Canceling this only habit can improve food digestion much. Limit intake of fluids together with meals and digestive enzymes will operate better for necessary digestion.

You cat take drink like green tea or other tea before meals to support the activity of enzymes and improve digestion. Do not add fluids during meals; only 30 minutes before or after.

Often soup intake is a good choice

Soup is a meal that is nutrient and fills the organism quickly. Even a half cup of soup is beneficial and healthy; you do not need much of it. As for Asian soups they are made of the combination of bones and vegetables.

Taking soups your body gets minerals and vitamins even when the portion is small. No matter how much bones or vegetables are used in soup, the broth is absorbed easily. Soup like tea is consumed in warm state which also helps the digestion process.

The ratio of vegetables to meat should be 3:1

So take the amount of vegetables three times more than meat. American diet puts more potato and meat on the plate than vegetables. The favorite American vegetable is French fries (potatoes). This vegetable should be replaced with sweet potatoes in case you cannot exist without starch.

Better take vegetables with bitter flavors. Give room on your plate for radicchio and bitter melon and radishes.

Choose smaller plates and Chopsticks

If you are ready to eat less use small plates and bowls. Try to eat from small and attractive plates of different sizes and shapes. It looks aesthetic and helps you to consume smaller portions.

Chopsticks are a good way to get rid of shovel eating techniques.

Using chopsticks at least guarantees the slow down of food consumption, your stomach will send a message to your brain to quit eating and feel full.

Combination of rice types

Rice is presented by different types: brown, black, red and purple. The combination of different types is more preferable than brown or white rice alone. Better take unpolished processed rice which is rich in vitamin B. In Asia rice is a meal supplement not a main meal. Rice is rather cheap and easy to grow, easy to store and transport.


But remember that rice being a carbohydrate is changed into sugar during digestion. So rice can affect the glycemic index. It can harmfully influence sugar content in blood and is not indicated for people with diabetes problems. When you combine rice types you get less starch and sugar and fewer calories.

Avoid every night desserts

Try to limit your kids in night desserts persuading them that desserts are not something vital. It is not easy to do this but it is extremely important.

OK, replace common dessert with fruit. Fruit is delicious, nutritious and serves a common Asian dessert. As for cookies or sugary cakes, make them become food for special celebrations as a rule.

Seafood is a key Asian product

That is an axiom. For Asian people fish has become a daily food for ages. We know much of healthy properties of fish oil. In many countries fish is considered as part of certain diets, but not in Asian countries. In Asia, fish is a heritage of health and is a necessary everyday product.


Review healthy snacks of Asia

There is a great difference between American and Asian snacks. What are American snacks? Cookies and chips that cause overweight. Asian snacks are nuts seaweed snacks, seeds and dried fruit. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds will also do.

Such snacks can easily be found in any market. And these snacks are healthy. They contain vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients. Only check the salt content in nuts. Raw nuts are preferable, but if you like salty snacks choose lighter versions.

The temperature of foods depends on seasons

The energetic food temperature is of importance. When the weather is cold eat warming foods and eat cooling foods in hot or warm weather. In Asia it is an experienced and practiced rule.

People in Asia will never eat cold foods and drinks such as melons, celery and cold salads in winter. In cold weather they eat hot soups and different stews and so warm the body. When in Summer – watermelon and cucumbers can become perfect food. The right product temperature depending on the season is an essential part of Asian healthy diet.

Do not combine milk and keep aside from cow's milk

Milk should not be combined with anything. It supplies mostly calcium and less magnesium. Look at Asian diets and you will not find cow's milk there. There are cultures (Kosher Jewish rules) that do not consider milk consumption together with other foods. Do not combine wrong foods like dairy if want to get healthy digestion. You can easily replace milk with coconut, almond, organic soy or rice milk.

There is one more tip of Asian diet. Let it be number 11. It refers to regular movements of bowels. To get a healthy gut the latter is to be clean. The normal necessity is at least one bowel movement a day. And the bowel movement is a natural way of detoxification.

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