The angel diet

Angel diet menu A vitamin-protein system of nutrition is provided to your attention. This regime of nutrition is easy and, actually, effective for growing thin. The duration of this «angel’s» regime of healthy nutrition is 13 days. You can waste nearly 7 – 8 extra kg during these days.

The system of nutrition

You can allow for yourself protein meals, fruits or vegetables. However, carbohydrates and fats are strictly forbidden. The usage of sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup, sour cream is forbidden too.

Moreover, you should cook meals without fats. Besides, sugar, bananas, persimmon, grape, dried fruits, potato, apricots, coffee, tea, fruit-drink, beer, jelly are prohibited too. However, you can use salt but only in a small quantity of, because it delays water inside organism. Among drinks you can allow for yourself only water (or mineral water) and herbal tea.

Angel diet menu

Day 1
Breakfast: sugarless black coffee.
Dinner: 2 hard-boiled eggs with tomato and salad.
Supper: lean grilled beef under press in a small quantity of olive oil.

Day 2
Breakfast: a cup of black coffee with a cracker.
Dinner: lean grilled beef under press with salad and tomato .
Supper: soup.

Day 3
Breakfast: a cup of black coffee with a cracker.
Dinner: grilled beef under press with salad.
Supper: 2 hard-boiled eggs with two slices of lean ham.

Day 4
Breakfast: a cup of black coffee with a cracker.
Dinner: a 1 egg, a 1 carrot and cheese.
Supper: fruit salad with a cup of yogurt.

Day 5
Breakfast: a grated carrot with lemon.
Dinner: grilled fish under press with tomato.
Supper: lean grilled beef under press with salad.

Day 6
Breakfast: a cup of black coffee with a cracker.
Dinner: a portion of chicken, fried without fat with salad.
Supper: lean beef with green salad.

Day 7
Breakfast: sugarless tea.
Dinner: lean meat, roasted on a spit.
Supper: whatever you want, but not so much.

Further, you should repeat the menu again, except the day № 7. You can replace the order of the days. By the way, you should remember, that you can swallow only water during the Angel’s diet.

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