American diet

American dietAmerican diet appears to be one of the most popular diets in the world.

Sometimes American diet is called Hollywood diet since a number of movie stars and models used to follow it with a certain success.

Products included into the diet are rather affordable.

Moreover, one never feels hungry when following American diet. Now it is time for you to get acquainted to the diet.


American diet presupposes a common universal breakfast. It includes one or two cups of coffee which can be sweetened to the taste. Preferably to add some milk in it to lower the strength. Take an orange or 1-2 apples, 1 soft boiled egg, 1 toast or a piece of bread. This will be your breakfast for all weeks.


Lunch: 150-200 g of fried or boiled fish, 100 g of smallage with lemon juice without oil, a cup of tea or not strong coffee, preferably without sugar and milk.

Dinner: 100 g of boiled meat, finely chopped with addition of 1 yolk and 1 teaspoon of minced onion. A toast or a piece of bread, a glass of non-fat milk and an apple.


Lunch: 200 g of slightly stewed fresh spinach, 150 g of fried calf liver (do not roll it in bread or flour before frying), two small boiled potatoes (admissible in their skins), a cup of tea or coffee.

Dinner: 1 glass of yogurt, fresh produce salad (cabbage, tomato, carrot or beat), dressed with 1 table spoon of vegetable oil. A toast or a piece of bread, 1 soft boiled egg and 1 thin piece of non-fat ham.


Lunch: 1 glass of tomato juice, 1 orange or grapefruit or 1 big apple. 200 g of non-fat fried meat, some green salad dressed with lemon juice but without oil or sour cream. A cup of tea or coffee preferably without sugar and milk.

Dinner: 1 glass of yogurt, 2 hard boiled eggs, 2 tomatoes, a toast or a piece of bread, an apple or a pear.


Lunch: 200 g of fried or boiled chicken, 150 g of headed cabbage salad dressed with lemon juice. A toast or a piece of bread. A cup of non-sweet tea or coffee.

Dinner: 50 g of curds with no sour cream and sugar. Add into the curds some minced green onion, a piece of fresh bell pepper and a raw yolk. 6 radishes, 1 toast or a piece of bread, 1 glass of non-fat milk. 1 apple will also do.


Lunch: 250 g of grated and slightly fried carrot, 150 g of boiled meat. One big or two small potatoes boiled in their skins. 1 cup of sugarless coffee or tea.

Dinner: omelet of 1-2 eggs with fresh green vegetables (cucumbers, bell pepper, onion). Tomato with lemon juice and minced green onion salad. 1 apple.


Lunch: 150-200 g of boiled fish. 150 g of green salad with lemon juice. 1 toast or a piece of bread. 1 cup of sugarless coffee or tea.

Dinner: 150 g of boiled beef with grated horse radish. Some green salad with lemon juice, 1 glass of non-fat milk, 1 apple.


Lunch: 200 g of boiled hen, 100 g of boiled rice, 100 g of green salad with lemon juice. A small cup of non-fat milk. 1 apple.

Dinner: 1 glass of yogurt, 1-2 small patty-cakes. A toast or a piece of bread, an apple.

Meals are interchangeable. The key thing is not to exceed the quantity of calories. Exclude salt, pepper, vinegar, fat, alcohol.

Unsafe features and contraindications of American diet

Consult a doctor before you start the diet. Remember, that you are fully responsible for using any diet.

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