Bread diet

Bread (photo)The duration of bread diet is rather long, 2 weeks minimum and then the time for reinforcement of the result.

Pros and cons of bread diet are obvious. The advantage is that bread consumption does not presuppose hunger.

The disadvantage is that bread diet nearly almost excludes meat consumption.


Detailed description of bread diet application

The essence of bread diet is – consumption of sandwiches made of healthful bread (rye bread, whole-grain bread, dietary crisp breads) with light additives. For women 12 or less sandwiches per day will be enough, men’s limit – 16 sandwiches. It is critical to eat then every 3 hours. Even if you do not want to eat you are to make yourself take them in.

You can put on a slice of bread salt fish (two pieces of small fish like anchovy, a thin piece if it is salt salmon or trout), ham, non-fat meat, curds, cheese (not processed!).

Bread diet is not limited only by sandwiches. You can eat any boiled or fresh vegetables (except for potato). It is necessary to take a glass of bio-yogurt better at the end of the day. For a week of the diet you are to allot 3 boiled eggs (better at breakfast). Once a day you are to eat 1 piece of any fruit.

An important aspect – all you put on bread must be very thin. Just for smell rather than for taste. That is why the mentioned disadvantage of the diet is lack of meat because a transparent slice of ham cannot cover the demand in albumen.

After 2 weeks of bread diet (2.5 kg or more is an expected weight loss at the first week) a second stage of bread diet start which is defined by yourself.

The ration is the same, but several times a day replace bread for the following products: pasta, beans, any cereals except for farina, cornflakes, corn or boiled potato. Do not forget to eat by the hours! This stage of the diet should not exceed 2 weeks.

It is important to drink a lot, mainly water. Tea and coffee are not prohibited.

It is not allowed to take sweet products and alcohol during the diet.

The meaning of bread diet is consuming of complex carbohydrates and absence of fat. Complex carbohydrates are digested for long feeding the body and after a sandwich you do not want to eat at once. Anyway, bread diet presupposes high level of physical training which will burn carbohydrates in time not letting them to lie over. So bread diet is healthy only in combination with physical activity and sports.

Unsafe features and contraindications of Bread diet

Consult a doctor and a diet expert before you start bread diet. Remember, that you are fully responsible for using any diet. Be reasonable!

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