Spring break diet

Kefir and fruits (photo)As is known, most of women take a decision to begin to diet to get into shape by summer.

There are variations of spring diets which can help us to lose weight and maintain a necessary level of matters and vitamins in the body.

Spring diet 1

Nutrition system:

During spring diet for weight loss it recommended to take limited amount of fruit and vegetables excluding sweet fruit and bananas. Dairy products should be non-fat. Before meals, take a glass of mineral water. The acceptable drinks are water, mineral water and green tea.

Diet menu:

Breakfast – curd (125 g), a couple of crackers or a toast with a spoon of honey + tea or coffee (sugar prohibited)
Lunch – a couple of fruits or green vegetables
Dinner – soup (vegetable soup, okroshka or beetroot soup), boiled meat or chicken breast skin free, 3 table spoons of green peas or fresh vegetables
Brunch – a couple of crackers or a toast, vegetables (1 teaspoon of vegetable oil is allowed) and curd (125 g)
Supper – a couple of fruits and defatted yogurt

Spring diet 2

This spring diet is effective for quick weight loss and to get rid of  2 kilos for 7 days.

Diet menu:

Breakfast – muesli with kefir, coffee and a couple of crisp breads
Lunch – fruit or vegetables (vegetable juice is allowed)
Dinner – green peas, kidney bean, bell pepper and carrot – all stewed + tea with bitter chocolate (50 g)

Spring diet 3

This is a well balanced diet which will help you to lose weight and keep energy and vivacity and you will not feel hunger. The diet is scheduled for a week and is based on vegetables and mushes.

Diet menu:

Breakfast – wheat cream with raisins and pumpkin, toasts with greens + tea
Lunch – vegetable soup, stewed carrot, turnip and onion + stewed fruit of prune and apples
Dinner – buckwheat (honey and olive oil allowed) + tea with lemon

Breakfast – oat flakes with apricots halves and raisins, fruit salad + jasmine tea
Lunch – salad (turnip, celery, apple), mushroom soup, vegetable stew + stewed fruit
Dinner – salad (apple, beet, pumpkin), cabbage rolls with rice + tea

Breakfast – vegetable salad, rice milk with prune + tea
Lunch - salad (apples, prune, fresh beet), cauliflower cream soup, fried pumpkin + tea
Dinner – salad (turnip and carrot), buckwheat + tea

Breakfast - muesli with natural yogurt or juice, fruit + flower tea
Lunch – salad (turnip, carrot), millet soup with tomatoes, turnip (baked in oven) + green tea
Dinner – biffin + herbal tea

Breakfast – salad (pumpkin, apples, honey), millet with pumpkin
Lunch – salad (fresh beet, carrot, pumpkin, apple, green), vegetable soup, marrows + stewed fruit
Dinner – salad (beet, tomatoes, garlic), cabbage rolls with rice + tea

Breakfast – oat flakes, beet caviar + green tea with honey
Lunch - salad (carrot, green), beet-root soup, stewed vegetables, biffin (honey is allowed) + berries drink
Dinner – sea cabbage, cauliflower (stewed) + tea

Breakfast – rice milk, fruit salad + herbal tea
Lunch – salad (beet, carrot, parsley, garlic), beet-root soup with stewed beet, cauliflower and buckwheat patties + stewed fruit
Dinner – rice with vegetables (vegetables are to be stewed on water + soy sauce) + herbal tea

Consult a doctor before going in for “Spring break diet”!

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