Anti cellulite diet

Anti cellulite dietAnti-cellulite diet will help you to get rid of so called “orange peel” on your legs and buttocks.

Why diet?

The answer is that cellulite – is a widespread problem of stout women, though the problem can refer to slim women as well.

Anti-cellulite diet presupposes balanced nutrition as for amount of fat, albumen and carbohydrates as well as vitamins and minerals.

Here are meals prohibited during anti-cellulite diet by reason of their capacity to burden liver and kidneys, form free radicals and retain liquid in the body.

The products leading to cellulite

  1. Animal fats and fat meat.
  2. Sausage and smoked products.
  3. Fried meals and grilled chicken.
  4. Any by-products and preserved food.
  5. Coffee, black or green tea, chocolate.
  6. Alcohol drinks.
  7. Sugar, refined flour and products containing such flour (white rice, sweet, baking, bread, pasta).
  8. Margarine.
  9. Artificial additives, cubes, flavoring containing taste modifiers, ready-to-eat meals.
  10. Any pickled products.

Recommended products for anti-cellulite diet

  1. Products containing dietary fibre – vegetables, fruit, beans, dried fruit, whole grain cereals
  2. Products containing nonfat albumen – fish, meat, eggs, sea products, dairy products (in limited amount)
  3. Products containing healthy fats – nuts, seeds, fat fish, vegetable oils (in limited amount)
  4. Water. Water promotes withdrawal of extra liquid from the body and liquid comes out with waste
  5. Drinks – compote, juice (all sugar free), tea and herbal infusions, nonfat dairy products (the latter in limited amounts)

Alongside with balanced nutrition which will prevent new cellulite creation there is a more extreme nutrition schedule which is called anti-cellulite diet. It is considered for 10 days.

Anti-cellulite diet is considered for 10 days

1, 3, 5, 7, 9th days of the diet eat only fresh fruit and vegetables;
Breakfast – fruit;
Lunch – vegetable salad with minimum of olive oil;
Dinner – fruit, then vegetable salad as at breakfast.

All dairy products are strongly prohibited! It is also recommended to add into salads different sprouts – soy and bean sprouts, sprouted wheat grains.

2nd diet day – only fruit (except bananas)

4, 6, 8, 10th diet days similar to the 1st day (fresh fruit and vegetables), but part of vegetables should be boiled and cereals are to be added (rice, buckwheat, oat flakes or lentil). During these day first eat fresh products, then – boiled.

! Before you go on an “Anti-cellulite diet”, consult a doctor!

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