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The Best abdominal Exercise in Water

Exercise in waterAlmost all women dream of having a toned stomach. But the set of common exercises for ab is normally difficult and strains your back and neck.

Water workouts could be the way out of the situation since they are low-impact but also tone the stomach area.

Limbs and joints are not under pressure when you do training in water.


This is the method described in fitness magazines which develops your abs and oblique and other core muscles.

Begin to tread water in a deeper area of your pool. When treading, raise your leg in the direction of the water surface doing somewhat a kicking motion. At kicking up keep your leg straight. Repeat the same with the other leg and go on for thirty seconds.

When you kick up faster and encounter additional resistance the difficultness increases.

Pike Scull

The following workout is also recommended in fitness magazines. Now perform the workout in shallow water so that you could stand. The workout is called Pike Scull. Lean back slowly and move your legs to water surface forming a V shape of your body. Tread water with your hands maintaining the balance.

While your legs are up, use arms to move the body around the pool. Your stomach area is well toned when you hold your legs in position. This appears to be a perfect isometric exercise.

Kickboard for Trunk Rotation

Trunk rotation exercise for ab toning and core building is recommended by the American Council on Exercise. Normally, trunk rotation exercise is completed with a medicine ball, and this is an aquatic version.

Kickboard or swimming board can also be used. Stand chest high in water. The position of kickboard: hold it in front of yourself between your hands, perpendicular to the water.

Rotate the body in the water with the board keeping legs still. The kickboard will produce much resistance.

You may simplify the exercise not sinking the board into the water in full or do the same exercise without kickboard at all rotating the body in the water with hands resistance.

Ladder Leg Raise

Normally, legs are raised lying on the ground or using pull-up bar. The pool ladder can be of help for completing this exercise. Face away from the ladder, hold the ladder at your sides or behind your head. At the same time raise the legs till they are perpendicular to the body, lower and make repetition. The resistance will increase if you raise the legs faster or if you force them down.

Ladder Windshield Wipers

Another classic ab exercise can be performed with windshield wiper. It is performed on the floor with a ladder. As at previous exercise, face away from the ladder and hold on to it behind your head or at your side. Keep feet together, raise legs perpendicular to your body, and rotate legs from side to side.

One training set you can see in the given below video:

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