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Be Fit and Lean In just Seven Minutes

One circuit should be done without stopping. Take rest for 60-90 seconds. Then do repetitions with one or two more circuits. Your aim should be 2-3 nonconsecutive days in a week.

Move number 1
Squat (Overhead)

Targets: core, legs and upper back

Move 1Stand so that your feet would be wider a bit than shoulder-width apart, turn out toes slightly. Grasp a towel (rolled-up) with an overhand grasp.

Keep hands shoulder-width apart. Raise the towel overhead so that your shoulders position being in line with your heels. Squat down as far as you can not letting the knees come to the fore of your toes.

Get back to standing. Repeat the given exercise from 10 to 15 times.

Tip from a trainer The benefit from the towel is that it keeps your shoulders aligned.

If without a towel, raise the hands over your head, but keep the shoulders back and in line with your heels.

Move number 2
Superman Extensions/Airplane exercise

Targets: core, glutes and lower back

Move 2

Now lie, your face down, arms extended out at the height of shoulders.

Keep the elbows abit bent. And now press the shoulder blades together and lift your arms, as well as torso and legs off the floor.

Hold the position and bring the arms in front of yourself.

One count hold and then again move them back. Put down yourself to the floor. Do 10-15 repetitions.

Move number 3
Scissor type Lunges

Targets: lower part of the body

Move 3Now stand so that your feet would be hip-width apart, clasp hands behind your head.

Make forward lunge with the left foot and lower your body until the knee (almost) touches the floor.

Quickly push up and scissor your legs in mid-air.

At the time land your right leg forward. After you land, drop down and explode up, do scissors again.

Do 3-4 repetitions. Tip from a trainer Try to land quietly

Move number 4
Bird Dog Standing

Targets: core and lower body

Move 4Now stand and keep your arms at your sides.

The right foot is raised a few inches behind yourself.

Lean forward.

At the moment you extend your right leg back directly and your left arm forward.

Your right arm is kept against your body.

Get your left arm, right leg and torso, parallel to the floor.

Hold for a while, then return to start.

Do the same exercise on the other side. Do 5-6 repetitions.

Move number 5
Climb a mountain

Targets: core and upper body

Take plank position when your hands are below your shoulders and at this time your feet get together.

Bend the knee (left) and draw it toward your chest.

Move 5

Extend back to start.

Repeat the same with your right leg.

Do 20-30 repetitions with quick moves.

Tip from a trainer Keep your back flat and brace your abs.

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