Swimming workouts for weight loss

Swimming workouts for weight loss Swimming workouts for weight loss and fat burning will get you fitter, stronger and healthier.

Maybe it is the swimming pool that can become a first place for your training to make your figure slim and of nice shape.

A swimming workout is the only way to affect all muscles of the body at one exercise; it boosts metabolism and burns calories without stressing your joints.

To get the perfect body there is no need to become an Olympic gold medalist.

Researches conducted at Indiana University showed that if you compare different kinds of fitness, those who go in for water exercises have more lean muscle, trimmer hips and waist no matter of the age.

Another advantage of swimming is that there is no need to choose right sport shoes or jumpsuits. What you need is a swimming cap and your body. So, enjoy best swimming workouts for women!

How does water work?

Most remarkable benefits of swimming workout for body shape is calorie burning and muscle recovery as a result. One can burn something about 500 calories by an easy swim for an hour. If you swim making efforts the result can be up to 700 calories.

swimming workoutsWater resistance is much higher than that of an air, so any movement, any push in water trains your body, hips, shoulders and arms. Alongside with calorie burning while swimming you improve your lean muscle which boosts your metabolism.

Swimming not only makes your body lean, it gently affects it. You feel less gravity while in water, virtually you feel like you have lost weight, and your joints rest and get no stress and loads.

There is no risk of injury when you swim. On the contrary, when you do running exercises, do workouts in a gym or lift weighs – the risk to get traumas and injuries is high.

Swimming is a workout that does not depend on age. You can swim during the whole life and keep yourself young for long.

The studies show that the biological age of swimmers is twenty years younger than the actual age. The same refers to their cholesterol levels, blood pressure, nervous system, cardio performance and cognitive functions.

How to start

It is often happens so that pool newcomers await best result at once and are full of expectations. They often try to cover long distances while swimming. But soon they begin to breathe heavily and feel themselves nearly dead.

The reason is that the work of your muscles and cardiovascular systems differs from their operation when you do exercises on land. Your lungs also operate differently when swimming. The lungs are to get adjusted to a different breathing way. In water, all muscles of the body work to make the body float. But when on land while doing exercises only certain muscles groups get loads.

Better split your swimming routine into short segments. Change intervals between workouts and rest. Vary workouts and intensity of strokes and drills. It is not only better for your body but also not so boring. Taking breaks for rest is not waste of time and it should not worry you. Rest is part of swimming workouts. When take rest after walking your heart quickly drops its rate. But the heart rate needs at least 30 seconds to drop even after several strokes in water.

We offer the following workout for the starter: At easy efforts swim 4 lengths of the pool, catching the breath between lengths. Repeat 5 to 10 times taking 30 second rests. For the first 2 weeks do that 2 or 3 times. In case you have poor swimming experience a kickboard can serve you a helper for the first lengths. You will not need to coordinate your legs and arms using a kickboard. So master the suggested workout first.

Freestyle stroke

The most popular and well known style is freestyle which is easy to learn but burns a lot of calories.

But it is important to balance muscles load, so you should use various strokes. For instance, backstrokes are effective for your posture loading your back and shoulder muscles.

Breaststrokes load thigh and hip muscles and one should not miss them doing workouts.  


Your eyes are up when you are on the back.

Do not look at your toes but look straight up the ceiling.

So, your hips are forced to sink and your head is in one line with the spine. Try to reach the back at an angle of 45-degree to the body with each arm.

Your strokes will be stronger since the stress on the shoulder becomes less.


Sweep through. Keep palms together and your arms overhead.

Now rotate the palms outward, then pull down till your hands are almost level with the chin. Bring hands inward by the chest and reach once again.

Whip it and now bend the knees bringing your heels toward your buttocks.

Then turn your toes outward kicking the legs back and together while you extend the arms forward.

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