The Best Kettlebell Workouts

kettlebeii workoutMany people consider kettlebells to be somewhat improved dumbbells. But the thing is that the center of gravity of kettlebells in fact shifts during doing the exercises.

In other words kettlebell looks like an ordinary object one lifts every day (grocery bags, overloaded briefcases, toddlers), and when you repeatedly do these lifts you train your muscles and get functional benefit from it.

Kettlebell has a unique shape and you can shift between the exercise without putting it on the floor and the exercise transforms into a nonstop workout. You spend less time for muscles training and metabolism improvement.


The name for the coming workout is a “ladder”. For the beginning, do 1 repetition of each exercise on the right side then move from one side to another having no rest.

After that do two repetitions of each exercise on your right side, then 3 repetitions and go on up to five repetitions.

Have a rest for 2 minutes and repeat the ladder exercise on your left side with the corresponding number of repetitions. In case your grip is not enough strong to complete a full set of the ladder on one side, change the side having 1-minute rests between repetition levels.

Find special exercise techniques for fast improving your grip in Section Gird your Grip on this page.

Single-arm snatch of Kettlebell

single-arm snatch of kettlebellWith the right hand take a kettlebell and stand so that your feet would be at shoulder length apart.

Let the kettlebell hang in front of you at arm's length.

Swing the kettlebell between your legs. Make one fluent motion and pull the kettlebell forward and up.

As soon as the kettlebell reaches the breast level flip it behind your forearm.

Place the kettlebell overhead. Thus, you do only one move but train the whole body.

Kettlebell windmill

kettlebell windmillKeeping the kettlebell overhead, move your feet so that your toes be forty five degrees away from the weight.

Hold your right arm straight overhead; now push the hips to the right, slide the left hand down your left leg.

Make a pause.

Now reverse the move and come back to the starting position.

This will effectively strengthen your shoulders and hit your core.

Single-arm front squat with Kettlebell

single-arm front squat with kettlebellPlace the kettlebell into the so called "rack position". It is when your right elbow is by your side, and the weight is in front of the right shoulder, the palm is facing in.

Push the hips back and then lower your body into a squat in the position when your thighs would be parallel to the floor and stand back up.

When one does squats with barbell you load your wrists much. But if you use kettlebells, your wrists stay in a neutral and safe position.

Single-arm shoulder press with Kettlebell

single-arm shoulder press with kettlebellTake the kettlebell and stand with it outside your shoulder.

The palm is facing forward. Now push the weight straight overhead.

Then slowly lower the kettlebell back down to the initiate position.

As for the body joints, the shoulder is on of the most mobile but at the same time it is the least stable.

Thus, it seems to be very essential to maintain proper form.

So keep the elbow closer to your side.

Gird Your Grip

If you want to make your grip stronger you are not to consider only firm handshakes. Mighty grip allows you not only to increase the lifting weight amount but to increase the time duration for holding the weight. The strength from the upper body will be translated to the world around yourself. See the tips of farmer's walk below. The exercise is to be done twice a week and it will improve your grip.

Farmer's walk

farmer`s walkTake one pair of heavy enough dumbbells and let the dumbbells hang in a natural position at arm's length by your sides, trying to hold them at the same time as tightly as you can.

And now just walk for a distance as long as you can endure before your grip fails.

To add extra loading you can hold the dumbbells by their ends or walk on the toes.

These will double the effect. If the time that you can walk exceeds 60 seconds you may try a heavier weight.

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