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10 exercises weight lifting routines

strength buildingFor all kinds of performance goals and physique strength appears to be the foundation.

To get a proper size of muscles easily one need to be strong. It is also critical for faster running, losing of fat and harder heating. One will not be even able to help the wife in furniture moving if you are not enough strong.

We have formed 10 tested tips of workout routines that will definitely fit you.

Four main exercises

These are deadlift, squat, shoulder press and bench press which are the best exercises to build strength. There are also accompanying moves for training the body but let us focus on the suggested workouts described below to balance your muscles and make bigger progress.

Start with barbells

There is no need to use unusual equipment. Simply use dumbbells and barbells. As for the rest they can also be used but they are less essential.

Let barbell exercises be a starting workout point as four main exercises which are shown above.

Much weight can be loaded by means of barbells and barbells exercises can become a first step for you to make yourself stronger.

strength building strategies

After you complete this you can switch on to dumbbell or kettlebell and train your body.

Make your training simple

There are trainers that like ask the client to make lifting exercises with certain speed doing repetitions, counting the time in seconds. But remember: You need not count seconds except for number of repetitions in a set.

Control the manner when you raise or lower the weights making a 1-second pause when at the top of each lift. Working in spontaneous tempo lessens the tension of the muscles and forces you to take various weight amounts which make the progress slower.

The obligatory thing for getting stronger is to constantly increase the loads.

Maintain a diary

It will be useful if you write down the exercises you do including the number ant type of sets and repetitions. Note the best lifts of yourself and keep your best results (most repetitions you have done and the weight used during the exercise). And your goal is to improve the figures.

Do not overload yourself

do not overload yourselfOn workout is to contain 3 or 4 lifts. When the workouts are kept short it helps you get advantage of hormonal surges.

If you do too many exercises in one session some of them for sure get useless. One main lift during a workout is what you need (one of those we call four main, see above). Then do 1 or 2 assistance lifts. This will keep your body balanced and let the muscles strengthen that are responsible for main lift.

At the end do some ab or forearm exercises. All depends on the goal you have. Exceeding this lessens the required results.

Think sets of five exercises

Try and rotate different changes of repetitions doing workouts but sets of five exercises appear to offer better blend of strength and muscle size.

Make slow weights adding

The common mistake of most people who engage themselves in weight lifting routines is that the want to deal with a very heavy weight. Remember that taking 10 % less weight that most of you can cope with is what you need. This weight allows you to do more repetitions and workouts bring to greater effect rather than when overloaded.

Go up the hills

Cardio training is also an essential part if one desire to look and feel better. It can be running for long distances or cycling to get increase in hormones levels which is important for muscle tissue breakdown.

cardio training

Do cardio to become stronger while you get leaner. Choose a steep hill and then sprint to the top of it and walk then back down. After a while repeat the sprint.

running for long distances

Do not overdo sprints in your first workout. Increase the number of sprints every next workout. Add two new sprints to each new workout until you come to the norm.

Train in balance

Note that you must repeat the same you apply to one side of your body to the other one. This will prevent you from injuries since your workouts are to keep the muscles in balance.

After you have finished squats go on with deadlifts. All chest exercises are to be followed by lifts that train the back. But it does not mean that balancing should be performed during one session but it is to be done in the same week you start first sets of workouts.

In other words all pulling movements must be combined with pushing workouts. For instance, on Monday you bench-press, so, on Tuesday do not forget doing chin-ups. Lateral raises using the bench will come for Thursday. Keep to the suggested formula for all types of exercises.

Do the exercises in the right way

Some people think they know all about how to perform all 4 main exercises. But it is never late to learn more information on how to do them. We now give you some useful tips and pointers.

The squat can be started so that you push the hips back as far as possible. The lower back is kept arched and your hamstrings will feel a stretch. At the time the hips are bent just bend your knees and do low squatting. Doing this you get maximum weight.

Imagine that you are going to make a jump. Your legs are placed narrowly. Bending down in order to grab the bar try to keep the hips down but the back straight. Now your shoulders are directly over the knees.

Bench Press:
Firstly your head is off the bench. Keep the feed steady and grab the bar. Pull the body up off the bench then forward. Bring the blades of your shoulder together. For stronger pressing the motion range should be significantly shorter.

Shoulder press:
At the moment the bar is at shoulder level flare the lats. Doing so, you will be able to cope with more weight.

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