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Barbell workout for the military press

Master the military press and get the building benefits for abs with barbell workout

barbell workoutThe military press in of the weakly understood workout in the weights gym. But in the Victorian years the exercise was extremely competitive and popular. It had been so before comfortable sports benches were invented for weight lifts.

It id essential to understand that many people do not master the military press in a proper way For instance, if you make presses with shoulder-width feet it is called the overhead press. The exercises for the military press should be done with your feet together as if you are a soldier standing on parade.

This position is not stable enough to make press move one should make mores efforts for stabilizing himself using abs and obliques. And doing this you can work with less weight for effective results. And after you switch to other types of presses (push and shoulder presses) you will be able to handle with bigger weight easily.

Here are some tips from Mike Causer (a strength coach) which will help your do the exercise correctly and your health will not be damaged due to producing wrong moves.

How to breathe

Before you start lifting take a deep breath. This will promote the stabilization of your shoulder blades and the ribcage, Mr. Causer says. Take an outward breath at pressing the bar and an intake of breath at lowering the barbell.

Bar grasp

The bar is to be grasped with the hands a little bit more than shoulder-width apart. This will help lock the arms out better. Do not grip the bar too wide.


Keep your forearms in vertical position during the move. This will make the weight balanced and the load will be put through the elbow and not the wrist.

How To: Standing Straight-Bar Military Press:


Your elbows are to be kept vertically in one line with the eyes. Do not move your elbows forward or backward. Make sure that the distance of the pressing the weight is as short as possible.


Do not go below the chin. When the bar is lowered too far you may rotate the shoulders internally excessively and the weight emphasis is taken off your deltoids.

Thus, go only up to the chin level.

Here are some extra tips for you if you want to increase what you can press overhead.

Drive the feet through the floor

Consider every press being a squat or a leg press. Driving down through your feet creates tension and stability in the lower body. A rigid frame is created and the time more strength can be passed upwards into the arms during driving the barbell above. Tense your quads and glutes in an active manner as well as the core when doing every repetition.

Warming up the shoulders

warming up before barbel workoutDo not begin with heavy shoulder press. The socket and ball joint as well as muscles making up the shoulder are easy to traumatize, and heavy presses can quickly do that. Prepare your body first.

Do 2 sets of 20 shoulder dislocates using a broom handle.

After that do 2 sets of light push presses. 30 seconds for work and 30 seconds for rest. Take no breaks doing the 2 sets and then rest for a while (two minutes).

Repeat again to be ready to begin working the way through the military press workouts. Make the start light.

Exercise suitcase presses

In case you are going to make your core work harder with a shoulder press try the suitcase press. Take a position for a military press. Hold a barbell to the side of the head in one hand. It is necessary to position the hand in the middle of it to prevent toppling and go super light.

Now press it being confident that you do not tilt the body to any side. Do controlled lowering. When you work one side at a time. So you will make strength balanced gains. It is better for you to rely mainly on one side and not on the other for getting the bar up.

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