Legs and butt workout (video)

Legs and butt workout This perfect video workout for legs and butt lasts only for 10 minutes. You will do four best exercises which will make your butt nearly that of Brazilian ones.

This wonderful home training session will be coached for you by fitness model Vicky Justiz.

You are to do workouts every day, but for the best results – 2-3 times a day. Then you will appreciate the actual result in three weeks.

Do not quit the exercises, add to the training sessions other workouts for legs and butt. Also never forget about other body parts like lower Ab and arms.

One-leg squat

For the workout take a chair or a bench. Step one straddle from it, put one leg on the bench on a tip-toe or just on the foot.

Squat down holding a leg on the bench. It is critical that the working calf would be perpendicular to the floor not swerving vertically. Repeat the same with another leg.

one-leg squat

Leg raise with ballast weight

Use for the workout weights that can be put on calves. The weights will promote quick pumping of the butt.

Then bend the body and lean the hands against the bench (one arm put on the elbow, the other on the palm). Raise one leg backwards. Repeat the same with another leg.

Leg raise with ballast weight

Backwards lunging with a jump

Having jumped put one leg back almost stretched and the front leg crank in knot bend. Try to hold the calf at an angle of 90 degrees to the floor. Make a jump and change the legs.

Backwards lunging with a jump

Jumps with crouch stand

The very butt is a perfect exercise for legs and butt, and combined with a jump you will get extra weighting. Straddle at shoulder length, raise your arms, make a jump and then at once make a deep squat.

Jumps with crouch stand

Do workouts as many times as you can.

Legs and butt workout video:

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