Endurance training

Endurance trainingStrength endurance is a key to a healthy nice body. Endurance – is a feature which helps us not only in a fitness center but in everyday life. When developing endurance you open new doors in front of yourself.

Strength endurance is what everyone needs!

Strength endurance is the capability of our muscles to make an effort for a long period of time without loss of muscle contraction strength. It is to be noted that due to strength endurance we do not lose operational efficiency.

There are several forms of endurance depending on the type of sporting activities, e.g. dynamic and static.

How to train endurance for the benefit of the body?

Special workouts are used for endurance training. If you want to advance endurance you should:

  • run for long distances;
  • go in for swimming;
  • play tennis, soccer;
  • jump over rope more than 100 times;
  • interchange physical exercises with running.

Due to this practical capacity you will get tired more slowly and keep force, fastness and dexterity for a longer time.

  • It is effective to work with a sporting sack. Strike blows in full force and effect. Interchange 20 seconds of fast blows with 20 seconds of energetic blows.
  • You can strike blows with weighted belts on limbs. 0.5-1 kg on legs and 300-500 g on arms.
  • An excellent exercise – is a fight with your own shadow with weighted belts on limbs.
  • Lift weights from breast being in half-knee bend with not less than 20 repeats within 3-5 sets.
  • Running, bike, swimming and skiing will also do.
  • Dumbbell presses, kettlebells workouts.

Strength endurance. Workouts improving endurance.

TrainingYour coach should develop a personal training schedule for you. The workouts are to be done by turns without rest. But this concerns only those who have been training for several months already. By turn different groups of muscles work. One set consists of several exercises. Every set is repeated 4-8 times for a definite period.

The pattern of high-quality workouts for endurance improvement is shown below.

The variant of the complex improving endurance:

  1. Waist twisting on a slant with dumbbells in hands (50 times).
  2. Abdominal crunching with twisting (30 times).
  3. Leg swinging (20 times).
  4. Abdominal crunching on horizontal bar (30 times)
  5. Building of calves muscles (20 times)
  6. Doing pushups on fingers and wrists (15 times).

Note the time for doing 4 sets of the complex. Every next training shorten the noted time.

The second variant of endurance training:

  1. Doing pushups (30 times).
  2. Squatting (30 times).
  3. Doing chin-ups (10 times).
  4. Abdominal crunching on horizontal bar (30 times).
  5. Doing star-like jumps (10 times). The jumps are popular at karate training sessions. Preparatory position: stand sharp, arms lengthwise the body. Do a jump, raise your arms, sit down and take front leaning rest position then take a seat. This workout is very good for supporting of cardiovascular system.

One option of the endurance training is presented in the video below:

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