Triceps exercises

TricepsTriceps – is a so called extensor muscle located on the back side of a shoulder. Triceps consists of 3 heads: long, lateral, medial. Namely due to long head the arm moves backwards. At curving the biceps, triceps is extending.

Effective workout for triceps

Very often the training session comprises only isolating exercises. Be helping triceps you help small muscles located at the elbow and participate in arms extension. Warm-up is also of great importance. Every workout should start from warm-up.

Choose the most appropriate exercise to bring the triceps in the shape and you will not need any fitness machine:

  • French press on elbows;
  • pressing on parallel bars or bench;
  • arms extension behind-the-neck;
  • French press with dumbbells by neutral grasp;
  • extension behind-the-neck together with rope handle;
  • arms extension by ordinary grasp at block;
  • French press at standup;
  • arms extension with straight handle at block.

Simple workouts for triceps domiciliary

Triceps exercise Strong triceps has own advantages – beauty, arms strength, thus, everyone wants to have rolled in triceps. We offer a complex that will allow you to choose the suitable exercise.

The exercises are so simple that women can manage them.

Let us consider a special program for triceps.

Straight arms extension with extra weights:

  1. Fall on back, hold dumbbells in hands (weights).
  2. Extend arms at an angle of 90 degrees and straighten keeping the position of elbows.
  3. Lower arms.
  4. Repeat the exercise.

French press:

  1. Stand even, raise dumbbells or medical ball overhead.
  2. Let the ball down the head.
  3. Return to reference position.
  4. Repeat the exercise.

Press-up against the bench:

  1. Put arms behind at shoulder length on the bench behind you.
  2. Put legs on the floor in front of yourself.
  3. Bend elbows and lower the body down.
  4. Return to the original position with the help of back parts of hands only.
  5. Repeat the exercise.

Excellent triceps training

We offer you a remarkable complex which will help you to normalize triceps. And there is no need for use of simulators, you can use dumbbells. Any girl or woman can cope with this.

  • Lie on the bench so that the back would be relaxed.
  • Take dumbbells in hands (3-5 kg).
  • The distance between arms – not more than 40 cm.
  • Smoothly allocate the arms behind head.
  • Curve and extend elbows 5 times at 3 sets.

Triceps exercise

Triceps exercise

Build triceps muscles: workouts for women

Every girl wants to have nice arms. Just follow the workout instructions.

  • Sit sideward, curve the lower leg and keep the upper even. Embrace yourself as if, putting the upper side on the floor. Curve the support arm and lower the body into horizontal position not touching the floor.
  • Stand on straight-arms and curve the legs, look at the ceiling, palms looking inside. Curve arms in elbows and put them down. Recover yourself.

Build triceps muscles: workouts for men

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