Benefits of running

Benefits of runningRunning is on of the most ancient of man’s physical activity, and, consequently, one of the most ancient sport. It was included into the compulsory list of Olympic Games from the very beginning starting with sprint and marathon.

Why is running so popular?

Firstly, running is the cheapest sport. It does not require any tangible financial expenditures, preparation, time and efforts. What you need is to put on sporting shoes, throw away clothes and you can run. You choose the place, the speed and run before you are tired. Thus, running is an optimal option. And results are tangible.

This sport is suitable for common people and professionals. Let us speak about the benefits from running.

What is the benefit from running?

First of all running improves the operation of cardiovascular system and lungs. Take your pulse rate after 6 months of regular training. Suppose that the pulse before was “standard” 75 beats per minute but now it can be 60 beats per minute. This is what we call brachycardia which means better heart operation after training sessions with less cardiac muscle contraction. So, sporting brachycardia increases heart performance capabilities. Lung ventilation also improves and lung capacity increases.

Weight loss promotion

Running is an easy way to lose weight. Running is very effective for weight loss. If you run at a speed of 12-14 km per hour for half an hour you will lose about 520-560 kilocalories. It equals a 100 g chocolate! And this is without additional factors like landscape, wind etc. It goes without saying that a man with lack of training experience cannot run for half an hour at that speed but the diets exist. And people capable of such training have no need to limit themselves in eating. Combination of running and diets brings perceptible effect.

Running is also ideal for those who are interested in personal functional improvement. Running is a key way for endurance training. Running trains almost all groups of muscles primarily legs and back. It strengthens ligaments and knee joint, improves physical coordination.

How to run properly?

There are no specific requirements for running. It is a free sport. You yourself choose the time, speed and training loads. Shoes are also individual. There certain limitations for those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases. In such cases it is better to consult a doctor. Start training from limited loads. Monitor your breathing, quit running if you start suffocating. Choose suitable running route.

People engaged in running are always in good mood, do not suffer from insomnia, have good appetite.  

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