Waterobics for weight loss

WoterobicsTo maintain the body in tonus, to repair health and lose weight, many women go in for waterobics.

Not only training influences the body but water relieves physical exercises and increases the effect affecting the muscles evenly.

Water streams make favorable influence on skin making it mild and elastic.

Waterobics can help in repairing posture and training joints what is especially healthy for senior citizens.

Waterobics is also recommended at:

  • stresses;
  • heart diseases at early stages;
  • high cholesterol;
  • veins problems;
  • after distortions, fractures, injuries;
  • legs puffiness;
  • radiculitis, osteochondritis.

Before you start an exercise warm the muscles. To achieve this swim idle for a couple of minutes. The duration of waterobics for novices is half an hour, then – 45 minutes. For those with good physical conditions the duration of exercises can be an hour at a quick pace. The very exercise begins with warm-up, basic workouts (on flexibility, endurance, speed, stimulation of cardiovascular system etc.) following the recovery exercises. At workouts use dumbbells, balls etc.

Doctors suggest that pregnant women should go in for waterobics to release stresses, tense and weariness. Workouts also help the pregnant women to learn how to breathe correctly aborning. Swimming assists in weight control, prevents from varicose. Workouts strengthen all muscles including muscles participating in childbirth (small pelvis muscles, pelvic floor muscles and stomach muscles).

A pregnant woman should consult a gynecologist before going in for waterobics since such workouts bear contraindications.

Gravidae are prohibited to train in water under the following circumstances:

  • expressed toxicosis;
  • spontaneous abortion threat;
  • gestosis, elevated blood pressure, albumen in urina;
  • hydramnios;
  • low insertion of placenta;
  • misbirths in past medical history;
  • uterine hypertonus;
  • any chronic illnesses, catarrhal diseases.

To ensure pleasure from waterobics take more juice or filtered water to avoid deaquation.

Even if you swim like a stone you can wear a special belt which can be used:

  • at a depth of 1.5 meters;
  • for any stature;
  • for any workouts;
  • in combination with other equipment.

Belts are available of different colors and forms.

One training set you can see in the given below video:

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