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Jennifer Nicole Lee - Fitness on the sofa (Online video)

Jennifer Nicole LeeJennifer Nicole Lee is a famous fitness-model, a training manager and the authoress of the books on fitness.

Once she had 90 kg of weight but due to stubborn training she created a perfect body. A shining example!

The suggested fitness workout is rather unusual since the exercises are done on a sofa.

Alongside the sofa you will need two kitchen towels. With the help if the towels you will complete the exercises and wipe the dust beside the sofa. So the workout is twice beneficial.

The exercisely are mainly meant for the ab muscles but there are also movements for arms and legs. So you will get good training. After the workout has been completed you will drop with sweat like Jennifer Nicole Lee.

The duration of the workout is only 6 minutes. Try to use the time to the maximum! Remember that regular fitness will make your body perfect which will become similar to that of Jennifer Nicole Lee.


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