Standing Abs Exercises (Video)

Standing Abs WorkoutThis exercises are to be done standing. You will not need any additional facilities even fitness carpet. You may do the exercises anywhere!

There is a number of fitness workouts meant to be done standing.

The whole workout will take not more than 35 minutes including a 3-minutes warm up.

Тем не менее, следите за правильностью выполнения, так как это очень важно.
There are 3 rounds total presented on the video. Follow the correctness of doing exercises.

Standing Ab workout structure:

  • 3 minute warm up
  • 7 exercises
  • 3 rounds total

Warm up

  • jog in place — 30 seconds
    jumping jacks — 30 seconds
    torso rotations — 30 seconds
    side bends — 30 seconds
    toe touch stretch — 30 seconds switching sides


  • standing oblique crunches — 15 reps on both sides
  • bent over torso rotations — 15 reps
  • standing toe touch crunching — 15 reps on both sides
  • diagonal crunches — 15 reps on both sides
  • Х pivot — 20 reps
  • bent over back extensions — 15 reps
  • corkscrew squats — 10 reps switching direction

Repeat all workouts thrice.


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