Race walking


race walking for weight lossRace walking is an easy and effective way to improve one's health. The benefit of race walking is incontestable. This sport does not injure joints and muscles. Walking strengthens health and fortifies the immune system.

Medical advisers recommend this sport as heart disease prevention. The exercise is often part of alterative physiatrics after heart attacks and blood strokes. A lot of women who take walking exercises note considerable weight loss.

Walking is a safety and effective kind of physical exercise for people of any age.


Race walking technique

Race walking is included into Olympic competition program. The key value in race walking is proper technique while performing an exercise and circularity of motions. This sport has a number of essential peculiarities:

  1. In the course of walking one foot should in full be placed on the ground.
  2. The leg which is ahead must be outstretched throughout the step.
  3. The step must be somewhat longer than that of at normal walk.
  4. A sportsman must move at a rate of 4-9 km/hour.
  5. A sportsman must move repeatedly. A man at walk is not to lose contact with the ground. Proper step – is a metronomic step.

The primary benefits of the sport – low risk of injury and low cost. To perform the exercise sensible clothes and shoes are required. Normally, sports suit is required. In cold weather one should wear heat-insulated sports clothes. Ordinary training shoes for the exercise won’t do.

Specific athletic shoes are needed. A person involved in race walking can choose any comfortable place for the exercise. A park or a stadium are convenient for performing the exercise. A road beside the houses or carriageway will also do. In case you walk directly nearby the roadway you should wear clothes with reflecting inserts. This would make you distinguishable and save you.


Race walking for weight loss

Many training managers recommend race walking to there customers as an effective way for weight loss. People with excess weight take the walk exercises in stride rather than run or exercises in a fitness center. In an hour's time of a walk a man loses about 500 calories. The same result is achieved during slow-speed running.

To effectively achieve weight loss one should consider the following details:

  1. The periodicity of training sessions should be 2-3 times per week each of not less than an hour's length.
  2. Increase of walk pace has no influence on loss of calories. The increase in training time seems to be more effective.
  3. During walking the back must be kept straight to avoid pains in the back. One should look ahead when taking steps. The arms are to assist in movement. It is more convenient to shorten the arms and to swing the arms in time with taking steps.


Training shoes for race walking

Shoes for race walking (photo)To avoid legs muscles injuries when performing the exercise it is very important to select proper footwear. There are numbers of key details in choosing athletic shoes:

  • It is better to buy shoes in specialized sporting shop. As a matter of fact the price of shoes in a shop is higher than that of in the market place. But in a shop you are able to choose quality footwear which will serve you for several seasons.
  • Buy footwear thick-soled. Rubber is preferable, however plasticated elasticized sole is also suitable.
  • The surface of shoes must be made of transpiring material. It can be nylon grid or leather. 
  • The footwear must support the foot and raise the heel up to 1-2 cm.
  • When exercises are performed regularly the shoes are to be replaced once a half year. 
  • In winter time lightweight sporting shoes are preferable made of leather with thick rubber sole.

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