The Tracy Anderson Method

Tracy AndersonTracy Anderson is a famous coach working with celebrities and she is a former ballet dancer. Her method is efficient and was many times experienced on well-known people.

Fitness studio of Tracy Anderson witnessed a lot of success. Some women managed to lose 25 kg for 6 months.

Tracy Anderson is the author of a unique simulator called “Hybrid Body Reformer”. She invented thousands of workouts for figure correction.

Most popular program of Tracy Anderson is an exercise called «The Tracy Anderson Method Mat Workout» which lasts for an hour and which helped many women to forget about their “problem areas”.

The essence of Tracy Anderson method is to train small muscles situated near main muscles and workouts are to be changed every 10 days. On this schedule you will get nice stature rather than big muscles.

The certain diet is also obligatory.

10 recommendations from Tracy Anderson:

  1. Go in for fitness 1 hour a day 6 times per week. “Do a 30-minute cardio training (dance, running, aerobics) and then 30 minutes for heaving exercises (with loads, stretches), - says Tracy Anderson. – Do them 6 times a week till your dying day. Yes, you have read it correctly – till your dying days”.
  2. Be careful attending fitness centers: too many loads. Muscles grow after fitness centers, the figure looks like a gymnast one.
  3. Replace fitness with dancing. “If you want to get a stature of a dancer – dance. Dance aerobics – my favourite cardio workout. Me DVD exercises are simple and clear. Choose 1-2 combinations and exercise them”.
  4. Better more repetitions with fewer loads. Better 60 repetitions of 10 different exercises with 1-1.5 kg loads.
  5. Do not get side-tracked when doing exercises. The effect for those who think about exercises during workouts is much higher.
  6. Look at yourself while training. You may look in the glass while training thinking that your figure is perfect. Produce correct motions.
  7. Be ready to spend at least 2 hours a day. It is hard, but only painstaking work can bring real effect.
  8. If weight loss is not your goal, eat what you want but reasonably. Food limitation is a kind of mind game.
  9. If you need to lose weight be strict to yourself. Take parsley, cabbage, ginger or apple juice every day. Take nonfat albumen products such as fish, chicken, fat-hen and brown rice.
  10. Limit alcohol consumption. Alcohol slows down metabolism process for three days after its consumption.

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