Core muscles exercises

exercises with dumbellsIdeal figure – is not always a natural gift, and even if you have smart body it must me trained to keep it in best conditions loading different muscles groups.

Some groups of muscles require bigger loads.

One should determine a set of correct exercises which will load the body in a balanced way.

Exercises for all muscles groups with dumbbells

It will take only 15 minutes per day at any time of the day. Start with obligatory short warm-up.

  1. Make lunges, when muscles of shoulders, arms, back, legs and buttocks are engaged. Take dumbbells and stay straight. Breathe out and make lunges on leg diagonally, bend, power the Ab and move the left arm to the breast. Make lunges with another leg. Do 10 repetitions.
  2. Side lunges for arms, breast, Ab and hips muscles. At standing, stretch arms ahead, tense buttocks and Ab. Do a wide step aside turning at the moment toe and body.
  3. Knee bends when all muscles work. Take upright position moving down the arms. Bend knees at breathing in giving the body position as if you are going to sit. Breathe out standing on toes pressing bent arms to the shoulders. Do 10 repetitions.
  4. Shoulder dips. Take lying position emphasizing knees and palms, then straighten arms getting knees off the floor, raise the right leg. Recover yourself. Do 10 repetitions for each leg.

Exercises for girls domiciliary

The modern world is characterized with life rush and there is no time for fitness often. Domiciliary exercises can help in this situation. Do not forget about a 10-minute warm up.

  • “Bike” exercise. When lying on the back raise above the floor bent in knees legs and imitate cycling for 1-2 minutes. Do two sets. The effect is bigger the lower legs are to the floor.
  • Shoulder dips. At the beginning position enter upon palms bending knees. Straighten arms, lift one leg and recover. Repeat the same with another leg. Do 8 times at three sets.
  • Add dumbbells exercises for arms muscles. Use firstly 1 kg of load. At standing position straighten arms ahead parallel to the floor; raise them at breathing in and lower and breathing out. At the second exercise, raise arms at shoulders level, keep the position for 15-20 seconds. 15 times and two sets are required.
  • For legs and buttocks. Squatting is preferable at different between legs distance. Do not switch the pressure on knees.

Basic recommendations

Here are some recommendations for best effect and training of all muscles groups:

  • Never train after meals. Take meals 1.5 hours before doing exercises or two hours after exercises;
  • To assure muscles recover train 2-4 times a week;
  • During training go in for running, swimming and rope jumps;
  • Keep to correct nutrition;
  • Drink enough liquid – 1.5 liters at minimum.

One training set with dumbbells you can see in the given below video:

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