Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exerciseThere are several types of aerobic exercises types: cardio, run, walking, swimming, walking, aerobics, dancing, cross country skiing, and kickboxing. And this list can be extended.

Aerobic exercise can essentially improve fitness; it is an instrument for both physical and moral health.

Aerobic exercise can favorably influence the heart rate and even breathing rate as well.

Aerobic exercise reduces the chance of appearing some cancers, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, cardiovascular diseases, depression and osteoporosis.

About aerobic exercise

During exercising you get sweat, your breathing is heavy, your heart is beating fast, you blood provide the vessels with oxygen. Aerobics is a several minute activity when your organs (heart, lungs, and muscles) work intensively.

The beginning

Breathing is a starting point of all exercises. The body inhales and exhales several liters of air per minute. When the lungs are filled the oxygen is filtered through bronchioles and reaches alveoli. In alveoli oxygen diffuses into the blood. After that oxygen comes to the heart.

Heart blood supply

Heart chambers (4) fill with blood and pump blood as well as coronary arteries.  That is why heart requires supply of fresh oxygen during body activity and that is the work of lungs. After getting fresh oxygen heart pumps the blood to completely all organs of the body including muscles ant tissues.

Heart pumping

The average healthy individual heart pumps some 5 liters of blood per minute. During the year a heart makes at about 30 million beat times. And at every beat your heart sends blood, oxygen and other healthy nutrients, when circulating throughout your body.

Oxygen consumption muscles influence

Oxygen supply by the blood is of major importance. Oxygen is extremely important for our muscles being sort of a fuel for muscles. Entering the muscles oxygen burns fat and carbohydrates. Our muscles operate more effectively at oxygen consuming and the more fat and carbohydrates can be burned. The more oxygen we get the longer our exercise can last.

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