Gym workouts

gym workoutThe gym is a set of various simulators for body and other appliances.

It is divided into areas – each for certain destination. Women pay their money and wish quick result.

But if one does not follow certain recommendations it wastes money.

To make the most of your money we got information from fitness club trainers, doctors and nutrition experts.


Choose correct tunes. Your body should move at a right fat-burning pace listening song with certain rhythms. Something between 130-170 bpm.  Choose different CDs for different workout types.

Your footing pressure should also differ depending on workout types. Try to load new parts of feet every time you change the workout. For instance, if you load your toes when on stair steppers and bikes you do an exercise for quads working. Pushing with the heels loads your butt, hamstring.

Never dwell on one workout line for long even if it is your favorite simulator. Change machines for better results.

Treadmill or stepmill (escalator of an old-school type)

Increasing the speed while standing still you will burn up to 200 or more calories per hour if on stepmill.

Stepmill is a more efficient simulator than a treadmill, say personal trainers. And now stepmill is almost always occupied in gyms.

Elliptical trainer and Recumbent bike

Both devices lead to stress decrease on shins, knees and ankles.

When on the bike with dumbbells (2-3 pound) you punch forward at shoulder height and so you simulate arm movement done on Elliptical trainer.

Stationary bike and Rowing machine

The latter can burn more fat (40-50 % more) than bike cycling.

The reason is that Rowing machine loads the upper part of the body.

Free Weights

Make adjustments to the dumbbells. Use weights made neoprene.

They are easier for hands to handle than metal dumbbells. But neoprene dumbbells are viruses and bacteria attackable.

Thus, use the customary dumbbells or use the new one with preliminary treatment of benches and weights with special sprays. Modern disinfectant sprays can quickly kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs.

Train using adjustable benches. Depending on the bench angle you load your muscles in different directions. So vary the bench angle. Flat bench is suitable for loading lower, mid and upper chest with a one dumbbell set. At the second set the bench can be inclined to 45 degrees. The final set can be done declining the bench to 30 degrees.

In the given below video you can see how to work your legs, butt and abs in the gym:

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