General nutrition advice

Nutrition advice

Never confuse appetite with hunger. Take meals only when you are hungry.

Hunger – is a voice coming out of you asking for food to support normal condition of the organism.

Appetite – is you habit. It can depend on different factors – a definite time of day (“13:00 lunch time”), smell and appearance of food (“what a nice cake…”) etc.

Sometimes appetite is accompanied by the feeling of emptiness in stomach, oppression, general weakness. But root cause is psychological. And if you feel weak it does not mean that you are on last legs.

Thus, hunger – is a real nutritional requirement based on physiology of human body. Whereas appetite – is only aspiration to food which is the result of interaction of several factors.

Remember – the best time for digestion is from 11 to 14 and from 16 to 20.


Drink water instead of food.

In the morning, not later than half an hour before breakfast take at least one glass of warm water. Fresh lemon juice can be added. During the day try to drink a liter of water, this will provide better digestion and decrease hunger.


Do not drink when taking meals

According to the researches liquid staying in the stomach at an average of 10 minutes, coming then through the digestive tract, captures gastric juice necessary for digestion. As consequence - derangement of digestion. That is why doctors do not recommend to drink water/tea/coffee outright after meals.

Way out: one should better drink 15 minutes before meals and 30 minutes after eating fruit and veg, 120 minutes after taking in starch, 240 minutes after meat products.

It is to be also noted that cold and hot drinks retard and aggravate digestion. So, lukewarm water is preferable (30-40 degrees).


Do not eat during illness

If you feel unwell limit yourself in meals. Taking meals will interfere the organism with its fight for health. Dog, for instance, never eat during illness, they lie and wait for recovery.


Do not take meals before, during and after hard physical or mental work.

Every sportsman knows that it is not allowed to take meals 2 hours before training. Otherwise, the effect of training will be less. The same concerns eating during mental activities.


Do not overeat

Change customary plates at home for smaller ones. This may become an effective way to avoid overeating.


Chew on, chew on, chew on

Our teeth are not only decoration. They serve a necessary tool for chewing before you swallow food. Don not hurry when eating.


It is prohibited to sleep straight after meals

If you go to sleep at once after taking meals all processes in the body will weaken. Dream does not promote digestion. You can go to sleep 1-2 hours after meals.

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