What is fully raw?

Food for raw dietThe Fully Raw presupposes perfect health enough and health with others.
Many people try and search different means to improve health but they seek vain. Health inspiration is near you.
We now describe how to adapt to “FullyRaw” and jump to happiness and freedom and stay on the top of the world.

Get the inspiration of FullyRaw rather than thinking about it.

Now some information about the raw diet

The mentioned diet consists of fresh, unrefined, whole, living and based on plant food. These are fruits, greens, vegetables, nuts and seeds consumed in natural state with no cooking and steaming. We call the people adapting to the diet “Raw vegans” or “Raw fooders”.

Is there any difference in raw diets?

The approaches of raw diet are different. Most of such diets are meant for replacing daily fat calories with eating large amounts of nuts, seeds and avocado. But the diet anyway contains fat, raw fat which causes problems and results in misbalance of carbohydrates consumption. But on the other way it is not good to eat only vegetables since they do not give enough calories.

How can I live consuming raw food only?

Meat, legumes and grains bear no essential for nutrition. Most of nutrients can be found in plants. Fruit and vegetables, leafy greens contain main amounts of carbohydrates, fat and protein in the quantity healthful for living. The raw diet decreases overweight problems and chronic diseases.

The benefits of raw diet

Firstly, you do not abuse your body with toxic matters but make your body cleanse itself. Moreover, raw diet decreases constipation and the waste time transit shortens to 24 hours or even less, and the recycling of toxins in the colon appears to be better.

A standard American needs 72 hours or even more to deal with food fermentation. Foul gas and unpleasant smell is a common thing for such individual.

Why cooked food is not good

There is no nutritional benefit when food is cooked. Take, for instance, heated tomatoes. Hundreds of healthy nutrients are killed and destroyed when tomatoes are cooked. Manu studies show that immune system badly reacts to the cooked food introduction into the blood system. When you cook food you denature fats and protein and all this often leads to pancreas.

Why people eat cooked food ever

People consider life to be long. But false science, false nature paradigm prevail. . Take grains, the animals hunting, civilization way if eating them cooked, the last 10,000 years remembership. But all of this causes heart attacks, cancer and diabetes.

How to switch to raw from cooked

How to make the change from cooked to the raw one?
Be sure that it will take time and patience and effort to start eating raw. Remember that your body requires sugar, salt and other spices. But when an individual wants to live longer – there no restrictions in the diet plan, to say more, an individual is ready to stop consuming dead fuel.

First try to replace cooked food for raw one. For instance, fruit breakfast instead of grains and milk Take melon when in summer and oranges and grapefruit in winter. As for the lunch, replace cooked potatoes and corn for berry/banana smoothie. Leafy greens and non-sweet fruits like tomatoes will do for the dinner.

About toxins in the body

Uric acid is formed at your eating the cooked food which is toxin for the body. the polypeptide bonds are never broken down to the state of amino acids. The polypeptides are also known as foreign invaders and must be cleaned through the kidneys. The kidneys do not let ther easy transport of the substances, which can cause the distress and lead to kidney stones and kidney failure. Cooked grains can cause fermentation in the body that produces alcohol,l gas, and acetic acid

What is the proper volume of food to eat

Primarily eat fruit and leafy greens, and vegetables,. For at least one week make sure you get the right information about your calories content.  
What is the quantity of fruit and vegetables to be eaten
It is not easy to start raw food diet. The body asks for cooked foods. Enlarge the number of fruit and vegetables and get the right number of calories required. Water and fibre – these are nutrients your body needs.

Too much fruit to consume

Practice is needed to develop perspective consuming. What is a “Normal consuming”? The answer is - If you eat a meal of just only fruit,  and nothing but fruit, it will get easier to consume proper volumes.

Nutritional questions

What is the use of the healthy use of fruit and vegetables. The best are: minerals, vitamins, , phytonutrients, antioxidants, co-enzymes, enzymes, water, fiber, protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

If 10% of protein enough?

Raw diet presupposes enough protein to meet the body requirements. Many people do not believe in it but sweet fruit gives averages 4 to 8% of protein calories. Actually, the true is: most people suffer from overdoses of protein every day, and this accounts for plenty of ill health, such as toxemia, constipation, which leads to cancer.

You cook grains to get the nutritional benefit?

This question presupposes that grains such as are helpful to the body’s nutrition. Actually, they
Some can think that rice, wheat, barley, and oats are helpful. But not. The wrong thing with them is that they must be cooked to become edible. “Excitotoxins” is the word when the bland to the taste is virtually inedible without salt, spices.

Take supplements

The health of each individual always takes priority over any philosophical position.
You need no supplements if you eat raw diet and engage in vigorous activity. The variety of fruits, vegetables and leafy greens provide vitamins and minerals needed.

What if fruit bad containing much sugar

Before the body’s cells utilizes food for fuel, it (the food) must first be converted into sugar, knowing that the originating food is protein, carbohydrate or fat. Carbohydrates are the easy way to convert to sugars that useful. Fruits are known as simple carbohydrates. It is much easier for the digestive system to take fruits for fuel as they are composed mainly of sugars, taking much less energy for digestion, and they form a complete nutritional package such as vitamins, proteins, minerals and fats. In case there are insufficient carbohydrates to convert to sugar, the body transforms fat and protein into sugar, but the cost is higher: more energy and time is spent on digestion while creating toxic residues.

The cells of the body utilizes food for fuel, whether the originating food is protein, carbohydrate and fat. Carbohydrates are the easiest way to convert to sugars that are useful. Fruits are mainly simple carbohydrates. If there are fewer carbohydrates present to convert to sugar, the body transforms fat and protein into sugar, but the cost is higher: time and energy spent on digestion and with the creation of toxic residues.

How to eat too much fruit

What if a person has yeast infection or candida? The fat levels rise in blood and damage blood vessel walls and the cells.

Much sugar in the blood can be life threatening ana little sugar can result in serious illnesses or even death. Yeast, candida, is a permanent presence in the blood; it serves as a preservation mechanism for life, blooms when there is an excess of sugar in the blood stream and brings blood sugar down to a proper level. During the sugar distribution it is used by the cells of the body, and yeast quickly dies off as it is must be.

We know that too much sugar in the blood is a danger resulting in illness and death. Yeast, candida, perform to be a constant presence in the blood; it serves life preservation mechanism, blooms when there is an excess of sugar in the blood stream to bring blood sugar down to a non-threatening level. At the time the sugar is distributed and used by the cells of the body, the yeast quickly dies off.

If the diet is poor, sugar remains in the bloodstream. At the time fat levels drop, the sugar content starts to get processed and, moreover distributed again, at the same time the yeast levels drop due to that there is no excess sugar available.

Fruits and vegetables

It is known that is better to consume whole fruits. An exception is fresh-squeezed citrus fruits, when a significant portion of the pulp is generally stopped with the juice.

Fruits and vegetables
Take the entire fruit in a blender and make a juice or a thick smoothie, keeping the entire nutritional package together. Blend whole tomato, orange and celery together to make it thick, and tasty, salad dressing.

Try to eat this

As for me, I never consume oil, peppers, ketchup, etc. The basic rule is – herbs and it is a fresh juices of life.

Are my fruits and vegetables organic?

The produce is to be organic. We now set the goal. The ideal way of consumption.

Raw diet and coffee

Take raw beans for coffee. 10 grams will do. . Caffeine is well known to be a deplete for the body of water, potassium, manganese, calcium, and B complex

Take spices

No spice is preferable. Onion, cayenne, curry, cumin, are nit for your healthy living. Try to get rid of them.

Take dehydrated foods

Whole food must be of use. Water is to be taken out. Researches show that B12 changes to a simple analog and becomes unusable form where it is can be found in dehydrated foods.

Frozen fruit/veggies is OK?

There can be damages to living foods if they are frozen. The walls of cells expand, and often burst when frozen, which diminishes vitality. Anyway, some foods, meant to survive through cold winters, and these foods are definitely good to freeze.

As for fruits and vegetables, freezing them should be used moderately and not necessarily totally eliminated, since it is often the best way to preserve foods and get minimal damage. There are no known toxins which are formed from freezing, as opposed to other forms of preservation. Totally, at the same time, ice-cold and frozen foods kill the bacteria in the very gut that are responsible for the producing vitamin B-12.

Frozen foods damage the living the body. But nuts and seeds survive. In total, the lower the content of water and at the same time the higher the content of fat a whole, fresh food.

Will vinegar help for salad dressing?

Vinegar is known to be diluted acetic acid, and is a poison when it is in pure form. Acetic acid stimulates the thyroid gland and pulls phosphorous from the adrenal glands to down the effects of acetic acid in the system. Depleted phosphorous leads to impaired function of the adrenal glands and so the entire endocrine system. The result of all this can include body odor, give pains in the heart, increased mucous production, rapid pulse and headaches. If used often  hardening of the liver can occur.

Vinegar is somewhat diluted acetic acid, and often known to be a poison when it is in pure form. Acetic acid stimulates the thyroid gland to pull phosphorous from the adrenal glands to down the effects of acetic acid in the system. Depleted phosphorous often results in impaired function of the adrenal glands and thus the entire endocrine system. Se the outcome - includes body odor, rapid pulse, pains in the heart, headaches and increased mucous production.

Refined oil use for dressing

The oil is originally refined. And this does not help digestion. But try to eat fresh olives and you will get full nutrition.

Sea salt

Drinking sea water may cause dehydration which can result in death.
Avocados nuts, and seeds.

Fat content is high when we speak about nuts and seeds. Just eat them not daily.

Medicine prescribed

Remember that you body will begin to clean the tissue, blood and organs of their toxicity, and the medical condition.

Benefits of raw diet

Healing and Detox

Will raw diet help me?

Many people think that they lose weight due to diet instructions. Fat is not meant for the diet.

About the gas

Listen to reports. No gas, to mild gas. Check your digestive tract. Raw vegan diet will promote your correct phase of transition.

What are detox symptoms?

Many people experience generally or temporary mild symptoms of body detoxification when they begin the raw diet, since the body is no longer being overloaded every day with toxic residue. But this is the time when the body is allowed to cleanse and heal itself. The body appears to be wise and always eliminates toxins making the least effort while doing itself the least damage.

Detox symptoms that can occur when you get runny nose, tiredness, digestive challenges and skin conditions, drops in blood pressure, weight loss, and a set of other signs that the body is making a healthy care. Note that each person is unique; therefore, the duration of significant detoxification often varies, based upon health, vitality and environment and the degree of engagement to a healthy lifestyle. It can durate from days to years.

We must also remember that we are in a permanent state of toxifying and detoxifying. We ingest foods, even of the best sort, and the body creates toxins (metabolic) as a result of its cellular metabolism. But no worry, since we are equipped with an entire eliminative system, we have kidneys, a liver, bowels, lungs and the skin, to pure ourselves of these toxins.

The raw diet is often accompanies with detoxification.

Detoxification can occur. The body cleanse itself. Remember that we absorb environmental toxins, but the body works to eliminate the matters.

Use raw materials only. The body needs safe materials.

Your health and body will be perfect if you think of your staying in the world.

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