Fasting days

Fasting days tipsAll who cares of one’s own health should be aware of the benefit from fasting days.

But fasting days can lead to weight loss only when keeping to a diet and proper eating.

Dietarians recommend this method not more than 1-2 times a week giving the organism complete set of calories during the rest days.

Long starvation is prohibited.


Core objectives of fasting days:

  • to let the organism rest from every day digestion of big amount of caloric food;
  • to let the organism get rid of waste and to clean itself;
  • to carry out “reloading” of stomach accustoming the body to smaller amounts of food.

Kinds of fasting days

Kinds of fasting days aimed at achieving different goals:

  • high-protein – most effective for weight loss, can assist in disease treatment;
  • carbohydrate – recommended for weight loss and at chronic diseases;
  • fatty – used at weakness and digesting problems;
  • purifying - preventive purifying measures.

If important recommendations are satisfied meals limitations affect favorably the body and stimulates metabolism.

Fasting days recommendations

  1. During a fasting day one should avoid physical and mental exercises.
  2. After a fasting day one should take meals with care starting with light food.
  3. Food limitations initiate cholestasia. To manage the problem tale a spoon of vegetable oil in the morning before breakfast and replace tea for cooked herbs for chole removal.
  4. As a matter of fact, a meal normative at fasting days depends on weight and energy consumption, but on the average it is recommended to take not more than 1.5-7 kg of vegetables and 400-700 g of protein products.
  5. To resist food temptation, defend yourself from tasty smells, much food in the fridge and company of candy hounds. If hunger is intolerable take kefir or yoghurt.
  6. It is necessary to drink not less than 2.5 l of ordinary still water.
  7. Prepare the body to fasting days beforehand reducing amount of meals taking light food.
  8. During fasting days you may attend sauna bath, swimming pool, massage parlour.
  9. During fasting days it is not recommended to take diuretic agents or laxative.

Benefit from fasting days

Fasting days provide normal action of the bowels and the whole body, they can also assist in health problems treatment. Fasting days are good for metabolism, waste removal, acid-alkali balance and cardiovascular system.

Fasting days risks

It is strongly prohibited to arrange fasting days during pregnancy or breast-feeding, at weakness, mental depression or stresses. One with acute or chronic illness should consult a doctor before setting food limitations.

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