Michael Pollan food rules

Natural products for healthy eatingEating – is the most natural ceremony for a human being, but the process is not so primitive. Media is full of advice concerning taking meals but there are eating rules one should follow.

Rule №1 – to consume natural food
About 17 thousand of new products come into the market every year. However, the majority of them are hardly edible due to the use of innumerable synthetic nutrient additives. Choose authentic food.

Rule №2 – do not eat food your great grandma would never eat
Thousands of similar to food products fill the supermarkets shelves. Be careful.

Nowadays producers in a special way process products taking into consideration taste preferences of people – sweet, salty, fatty and artificially create the favorable taste.

Rule №3 – exclude products promoted by publicity methods as beneficial to health
Here comes contradiction: the packing says the product is healthy, but the packing itself indicates that the product has been hardly processed.

Rule №4 – avoid products with names containing the words “light”, “nonfat”, “fat low content”
40-year campaign for fat low content food production failed. People consuming low fat products put on their weight.

Weight can increase after consuming carbon-hydrates. And many nonfat products contain sugar to compensate the taste.

Rule №5 – exclude product substitute
Margarine, for example, is a false butter as well as meat made of soy.

Rule №6 – do not by products promoted on TV
Advertising – is a skilful work of marketing experts. Moreover, two-thirds of advertised products are processed food and alcohol.

Rule №7 – eat food which can go off
To extend the expiry date the products are processed with loss of healthy ingredients.

Rule №8 – eat products with ingredients you can meet in natural conditions or raw
Try to imagine ingredients of chips or sausage – you will fail.

Rule №9 – buy products in the market
Put above farmer’s seasonal products. As for dainties, buy nuts and fruit but sweets and chips.

Rule №10 – put above food cooked by men
Let men cook food rather than corporations where too much sugar, salt, fat, conservant agents, colorants are added.

Rule №11 – eat food of different colors
Different colors of vegetables indicate the presence of antioxidants – anthocyans, polyphenols, flavonoids, carotenoids. Many of them prevent from chronic illnesses.

Rule №12 – eat out like omnivore
It is healthy to vary meals choosing new products, new mushrooms, vegetables, animal food.

Rule №13 – exclude meals made of white flour
 “The lighter the bread the faster into coffin” – a brutal proverb says. White flour is harmful for health. It lacks vitamins B, dietary fibre, fats. Be in favor of whole grain products.

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