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Harmful advice from our mothers and grannies

Grannies advice about food Breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dine like a pauper!

According to the 20th century researches breakfast should not be “substantial”. The most “substantial” should be lunch. The optimal balance of meals calorific value: breakfast – 30-35%, lunch – 40-45% and dinner – 25% of daily food ration.

Soup is to be consumed daily. Otherwise you will get stomach ulcer.

That is a very disputable statement. There is no statistic data confirming the corresponding interrelation. In other words, the value of everyday soup consumption for ulcer prevention is rather doubtful.

You can eat fruit and vegetables as much as you like

Actually, fruit and vegetables are healthy. But it depends on the amount. Firstly, the overuse of fruit and vegetables can cause such unpleasant consequences as abdominal distension, acid indigestion, diarrhea. And all of this is the result of derangement of digestion.

Furthermore, if you want to eat whole fruit and vegetables it is better to do that before main meal (on empty stomach) and not after. Otherwise fermentation will start in the stomach and it can result in derangement of digestion, abdominal distension etc.

Exclude "fats" from ration

The issue is very similar to that of from point 3. Fats are really harmful in large quantities. But in small quantities they are needed. Remember about     polyunsaturated fatty acids necessary for a human being and containing “fats”.

Do not eat sweet products before meals – you will lose appetite

But the absence of appetite is good. At least for those who is engaged in weight loss. And such people nowadays prevail.

Tea, coffee, juice – after meals

That is the most popular bad habit. The thing is that liquid coming into the stomach together with food obstructs digestion, lowering concentration of gastric juice and accelerating food movement along the alimentary canal which leads to deterioration of digestion of food.

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