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Water, types of water and purifying methods

 drinking water in the glassLife-giving water is a law for healthy eating.

Our body of 70% consists of water and our brain even more. Thus, water plays an essential role in our life and influences our health.

Water exists in nature in different states. It can behave as our friend and as our enemy.

Water has memory.

Electrolytic water

This type of water is called living or dead. To obtain such water take a jar with canvas partition, put an electrode in each compartment and impose a direct current through the system. Anodic water on expanding is oxygenated and pH reaches 3-4 levels. On the contrary, at the cathode where hydrogen is produced the solution reaches pH level of 10-11 units.

At the anodic compartment we get the so called dead water. It can be used for gargling, cleaning the wounds etc.

As for the so called living water it can be of help from acid indigestion and other cases associated with alkaline environment change.

Magnetic water

Such water is good for teeth rinsing, sometimes for tonic baths but not for ingesting.

Memory bearing water

There are facts that water is capable to store information in memory. Water taken from the source irradiated by the sun energizes the organism.

The same has been noted with water irradiated by the ultra-violet rays. Moreover, blood used for transfusion appears to be healthier after ultra-violet impact.

Melt water

melt water This is the most practical type of water. It develops after ice melting.

It is known that long livers from North Caucasus and Yakutia drink water got after ice melting. And birds cover 5-10 thousand kilometers to cold latitudes to the time of breakup on rivers and water bodies, drink melt water and reproduce kind.

Those who consume melt water take graduated and deeply structured water and promote metabolism.

How to get melt water domiciliary?

You can freeze water putting the saucepan into the fridge. Melt water should be taken during 5-6 hours after defrosting.

Of course water got from natural glaciers is preferable since it is influenced by the sun.

Carbon dioxide-free water

To obtain this water follow the instruction: Take a limited amount of water and bring to the temperature of 94-96° С. After that take the jar off the fire and cool it in the plate with flowing water. As the result you get water of integrated crystalline texture.

You actually get medicinal water, simple and chemicals free water and a medicine healthy for gastrointestinal tract.

Certain recommendations for melt water use

Melt water is good for cooking and drinks making. Experts admire tea made of such water.
Soup boiled using melt water becomes live and nutritious.

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