Why diets do not work?

Diet don`t workThe word "diet" nowadays is one of the most used in the matter of healthy eating. It has become something popular and fancy.

Almost each of us follows some diet but often incorrectly which harms to health.

In fact the diet is a healthy dietary regime, rules of healthy products consumption.

Never mix up the diet with food limitations since healthy eating is the most important process for normal operation of the organism.

The reasons for diets failures

  • A common problem of people resisting to the weight growth is that they await for immediate effect. But any hurry is bad for this! It is critical to choose proper eating schedule suitable for the body and stress free. It is recommended to consult a dieting expert. World health organization considers optimal weight loss as 10% during the period of 8-10 months. So, no hurry!
  • There are a lot of cases when people following a certain diet gain in weight. Moreover, their diets bring harm to the internals and nervous system and psyche. In case the organism does not get enough calories it undergoes stress and start burning albumen in muscles rather then fat. Skin becomes wrinkled and flappy, immunity decreases. Remember again that diet – is not starving but correct dietary pattern.
  • If the diet is already set, side effects come. Skin loses tonus, hangs down, wrinkles appear. To keep the body in a norm physical exercises are necessary for not less than an hour a day.

The most effective diet – is a methodical life

When the word "diet" is understood adequately one can obtain ideal body. But never relax, go on working with yourself to save the achieved. A man should know that weight loss is a back-breaking labour and it is important to follow certain rules.

  1. First rule – give to the organism as much water as it “asks for”. The daily rate of water consumption is 30 ml for 1 kg of weight. Water improves metabolism and provides excreting, normalizes digestion.
  2. Square breakfast – is health and neat figure security. It presupposes porridge, eggs, curds, salads but a cup coffee with sandwich.
  3. Albumen is to be included in every meal, 1.2 g for 1 kg of weight (50% of vegetable albumen).
  4. Exclude from meals ration high-glycemic products and replace them with fruit, vegetables, beans, non-fat boiled meat and fish.
  5. Decrease the amount of calories at 500 units per day with the limit of 1200 large calories. The lower index is inadmissible, the organism would start protect itself and weight loss will stop.
  6. In all circumstances prevent esuriency. Meals are to be taken by partitive portions 5-6 times a day.
  7. Sports – is an integral part of a diet. Active lifestyle is necessary – going in for sports or dancing. It is required to burn off 550 kilocalories per day due to physical exercises, at that the body will lose 0.5 of excessive kg.

Neither of the diets nor the best diet experts can resist to excess weight if you do not apprehend the need for that. The core is – not to hasten but change your life mode and realize that you fight for longtime and desirable effect.

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