Separate nutrition

Separate nutrition The system is considered to be the most contradictory in modern world. The followers of the system prove its health properties whereas many dieting experts argue the converse.

The concept of the separate nutrition is to arrange the ration consuming compatible and incompatible products separately.

When incompatible food enters the stomach digestion worsens which leads to obesity. If you simultaneously consume albumen, fats and carbohydrates the matters are digested in different ways which creates stomach discomfort and fatty layers appear.

Separate nutrition diet according to Shelton

An American diet expert and a doctor Herbert Shelton was the first who stated patterns of products compatibility. The core is to consume incompatible products separately to ensure better digestion and provide weight loss.

Basic rules:

  1. Never consume carbohydrate food together with acid simultaneously. For example, bread, potato, beans, bananas and dates are incompatible with lemon, orange, grapefruit, cranberry and other acid products.
  2. Do not consume albumen and carbohydrates together. For example, nuts, meat, eggs, fish, cheese, milk are incompatible with bread, mush and noodles.
  3. Do not consume two albumen products all at once.
  4. Fats and albumen are incompatible.
  5. It is not recommended to take acid fruit together with albumen. For example, orange, lemon, pineapple, cherry, acid plum and apples are not compatible with meat, eggs, nuts.
  6. It is prohibited to consume starch with sugar since the combination of these products lead to fermentation in stomach.
  7. Do not take two starch products simultaneously. Potato and mush with bread are incompatible.
  8. Melon and water-melon are not in accord with any food.
  9. Milk is not compatible with any products. Better put it aside.

Basic product groups

There are certain products compatibility groups.

  • Albumen: meat, soy, fish, cheese, eggs, nuts, beans.
  • Fat: dairy cream, sour cream, bacon, vegetable oil and butter.
  • Carbohydrate: grits, bread, pasta, peas, potato, beans, sugar, sweet fruit.
  • Starch: cereals, potato, pasta, peas, baking.
  • Sweet fruit group: dates, bananas, raisins, date plums, figs, prune.
  • Acid fruit and veg group: orange, tomato, grapefruit, grapes, peach, pine-apple, lemon, pomegranate.


The benefits from separate nutrition

  • Compatible products are quickly digested leaving no remains for fermentation and rottening.
  • Overall health improves.
  • Separate nutrition provides weight loss.
  • Body burden decreases which is good for bowels and cardiovascular system.
  • Separate nutrition diet is strict, however it brings diversification to meals.
  • Separate nutrition diet also represents moderate eating.

Separate nutrition threats

  • Being addicted to separate nutrition one can not easily return to ordinary eating.
  • It is to be noted that all products to a certain extent contain all matters and separate nutrition is rather theory than practice.
  • Separate nutrition diet does not coincide with traditional norms of eating.
  • The diet is hard to be followed. It can result in nervous breakdowns and damage the stature.
  • It is not easy to adapt to the diet, thus, people often suffer from hunger, weariness and sourness.

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