Fruit and fitness


Fruit and fitnessIn the modern world fruit is available throughout the whole year, mainly in summer known as fruit season. Shop and supermarket shelves are full to overflowing with fruit and berries.

We all know that fruit is extremely beneficial to health but let us consider an option of combination of fitness, weight loss and fruit and berries intake. As it happens, for those who are actively involved in sports, fitness and weight loss, unrestricted consuming of fruit is not recommended.


First, let us understand what benefit fruit provides

First and foremost, fruit contains a lot of different minerals, microelements and vitamins. For example, almost every fruit contains vitamin C, beta-carotene and folic acid. As for minerals, many fruits contain calcium and potassium. What is more, all mentioned vitamins and other healthy matters are digested well.

Secondly, fruit is a good source of dietary fibre. As we know, fibre is essential for proper operation of our digestive system.

Thirdly, fruit contains variety of oxidation retarders, which help our organism to offset malignant tumors and a number of other grave diseases.

And now about a fly in the ointment

A nasty surprise concerning fruit is – fructose – monosaccharides (fast carbohydrates), and this can be of tangible surprise for a girl on a diet.

The thing is, that fructose always stimulates appetite. Try to eat a kilo of fruit and after a while you will feel hungry again. Many people take fruit bite which is not good.

You should also remember that fructose quickly overfills the liver with glycogen whereas excessive fructose goes to subcutaneous fat.

To avoid harmful influence of fructose consume only fruit containing small amounts of fructose: kiwi, peaches, apricots, grapefruit, plums, raspberry, strawberry.

As for the time of fruit consumption – first half of the day is preferable, in the morning for breakfast.

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