Alcohol and Health

alcohol and healthIt is well-known that alcohol is not only a toxic drink. In case you re not a heavy drinker bur intake alcohol in moderate quantities it can be beneficial to a certain extent.

People consuming alcohol moderately even live longer. Such beverages as liquor, beer or wine can lead to reducing a number of common diseases: diabetes and cancer, heart attacks and prostatitis etc.

It has been found out that consumption of alcohol on a moderate basis can prevent from common cardiovascular problems. The above-mentioned facts have been proved by medical researches.

How can alcohol reduce heart diseases? Why alcohol is often more effective than diets and going in for sports? They answer is that alcohol and diets influence the body differently.

Moreover, strict diets or training are to become an everyday rule and not all people are ready to keep to a new mode of life for long.

Whereas taking small amounts of alcohol does not require too many efforts. And alcohol does not require any fat or salt limitations in the menu.

Besides, an individual should consult a doctor or a diet expert on a regular basis. The favorable impact of limited amounts of alcohol on heart or blood pressure is greater. To increase the effectiveness of a healthy diet you can add alcohol to a diet.

Generally, moderate drinkers even live longer in comparison with those who drink too much or those who obstain. The first corresponding researches were conducted in the United States more than 100 years ago.

Alcohol and Weight

Though the content of calories in alcohol is rather high, the drinks can cause weight loss especially for women. That has also been proved by researches.

Spirits, wine or beer have a similar favorable impact on health.

An ordinary drink is:
A bottle of beer (12 oz)
A glass of wine (5 oz)
A distilled spirits drink (1 or ? oz)

The indicated amounts of the drinks are nearly the same in the alcohol content. And the health benefits concerning spirits, beer or wine are also very similar.

But be sure that smoking has nothing common to do with benefits from alcohol taken in limited amounts.

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