Good Eggs For Nutrition

An egg is no longer a nutritional taboo

EggsCan one imagine his life without eggs? It is the most popular meals for adults and children. It is take for quick breakfast, lunch or supper. Eggs are very easy to cook and can serve as ingredients in a number of dishes.

But for decades some years ago the reputation of eggs was rather doubtful. Since eggs a rich in cholesterol content they were considered to be destructive to health. First people consumed only whites or tried to find substitutes to the product.

In 2000 AHA (the American Heart Association) published its guidelines for dietary science and recommended to enjoy eggs for healthy adults again. The AHA still advise to limit cholesterol consumption up to 300 mg a day, so they allow taking one egg per day.

The thing is that eggs are really rich in cholesterol, containing 213 mg of it in a big egg which accounts for 2/3 of cholesterol daily limit.

Once the specialists found out that heart diseases depend on the cholesterol content, all foods rich in it became suspicious. 25 years of thorough studies showed that saturated fat has more effect on blood pressure than cholesterol in products. Examples of products with high content of saturated fat are – fatty meats and full-fat dairy products and they lead to cholesterol formation.

Eggs nutrition facts

Since science thinks in same way we do, one can again enjoy tasty and nutritious eggs. The biological value for protein of eggs can be compared with milk. There are only 75 calories in one egg but 7 g of high-quality protein. It contains 1.6 g of saturated fat and 5 g of fat. But one can also find vitamins, iron, minerals and carotenoids in it.

The egg is a source of zeaxanthin and lutein which are nutrients capable of disease killing. The carotenoids reduce risks mascular degeneration related to old age. Such degeneration causes blidness in old ages. Choline, found in eggs improves development of brain and memory.

Chicken eggs on the farm
It is very critical to store eggs in a proper way to get full benefits from them. Eggs are to be stored in the refrigerator. All potential bacteria are to be killed by thorough cooking. Eggs can serve delicious meals, when blended in milk with ice and vanilla covering. But for this recipe use only pasteurized eggs instead of raw ones.

Not all eggs manufactured nowadays are equal in nutrition. Farmers try to enhance the nutritional properties of eggs devoting their industry to improving dietary and nutritious qualities of the product.

Some farmers let the chickens roam freely and add to chickens feed omega-3 fatty acids. Eggs coming from such chickens are called “designer eggs”. In case the given feed to hens is free from animal products, such eggs are called “vegetarian”. “Organic eggs” are produced when all-organic feed is given.

In some cases canola oil, marine algae, kelp, fish oil, bran, flax seed and vitamin E are added to chicken feed to enrich it and increase omega-3 fatty acid content. Special design of chicken feed reduces in the egg yolk saturated and total fat content. To make the lutein content in eggs, marigold extract can be used.

A pasteurization of eggs is a means that by heating kills bacteria. The texture of the raw product is not affected during the process.

chicken farm

Remember, that if you buy designer eggs be ready to pay designer money. The good thing is that there is a wide availability of vegetarian, organic or nutrient enriched eggs in the market. When you buy eggs check the label and nutritional value of designers eggs and compare them with generic eggs with the following value: cholesterol – 213 mg, saturated fat – 1.6 mg, vitamin E – 1U, omega 3 – 350 mg.

Source of Protein that satisfies

Alongside with healthy properties of eggs they help you to feel full after eating. Take a low-calorie breakfast like: an egg, one or two slices of whole-grain toast and half a grapefruit. After such breakfast you will feel satisfied till lunch. If you are going to lose weight, you need on the one hand a nutrient meals, and breaks with no hunger on the other hand between meals. The egg is an excellent choice.

Another advantage of eggs is that they are easy to eat; they are suitable for people of different ages, they can be a supplement to any meals and they are rather cheap. Make your own choice in different types of eggs including designer eggs. On day when you consume eggs limit products with high cholesterol and saturated fat content for the rest of the day.

Check your blood cholesterol level and consult your physician before you make your eating plan. If the level of cholesterol is high doctor's advice is necessary if you eat eggs.

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